German Finance Minister: German cars are the best in the world, there is no need to be afraid of Chinese competition

環球市場播報 ·  Apr 19 10:31

German Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (Christian Lindner) told the media on Thursday (April 18, 2024) that German car manufacturers don't need to worry about competition from China; they are still considered the best car manufacturers in the world.

德国联邦财政部长克里斯蒂安-林德纳German Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner

“German cars are the best cars in the world, whether internal combustion engines or electric cars,” Lindner said during the International Monetary Fund (IMF) spring meeting in Washington, D.C., on Thursday.

“German automakers are leading the world and they don't need to worry about competition from China,” Lindner said.

Competition in the electric vehicle market in China, Europe, and the US has been heating up in recent months. More and more Chinese companies are making progress in electric vehicles, and China's BYD has been competing with Tesla for the title of the largest electric vehicle manufacturer.

In fact, based on car deliveries, BYD surpassed Tesla in the fourth quarter of 2023 to become the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer.

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