The “2+X” product system was initially implemented, and Equation Bao once again “fully developed”

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 18 21:52

The world's first professional personalized car brand under BYD (01211), Fangchengbao is once again “at full power”.

On April 16, the spring press conference of “Fanghua” Fanghua Auto was held in Shenzhen. The Equation Leopard product matrix was officially released: led by Panther 5, the new energy off-road standard definer, the hardcore flagship Panther 8 made its world debut, and the Panther 3 concept car SUPER3 and the SUPER9 concept sports car were unveiled simultaneously.

The Zhitong Finance App learned that Equation Bao's product matrix includes the “583” hardcore family of Panther 5, Panther 8, and Leopard 3, as well as the SUPER9 sports car. This is the initial implementation of the “2+X” product system in Equation Bao's plan (“2” refers to hardcore SUVs and sports cars, and “X” refers to more car categories that Equation Panther will solve with users).

Starting with off-road and focusing on penetrating into many categories, Equation Bao's ambition stems from the fact that Panther 5 has successfully set a new benchmark for new energy off-road in just a few months. According to official data from Fangchengbao Auto, since its launch in November 2023, Leopard 5 has delivered nearly 20,000 vehicles, with cumulative sales volume of 16,775 vehicles in the first quarter of this year. In March, sales of the Leopard 5 reached 3,550 units, a strong increase of 53.68% over the previous month. For 3 consecutive months, the Panther 5 has been the New Energy Daliang hardcore SUV champion.

According to Anxin Securities estimates, new energy off-road sales are expected to reach 470,000 units in 2024, and the long-term market space is expected to exceed 3 million units. According to the Zhitong Finance App, as new energy off-road vehicles go from niche to popular, Fangchengbao Auto will be a strong driver of the expansion of the industry.

In the past, one of the main reasons why off-road vehicles were niche was that traditional fuel-fueled off-road vehicles had many pain points such as being uncomfortable, unintelligent, and not energy efficient, which limited the usage scenarios of off-road vehicles. Equation Bao Auto uses technology to turn imagination into reality to solve “multiple equations” of off-road vehicle performance, safety, space, comfort, and intelligence at once, greatly enriching and improving the vehicle usage scenarios and experience of off-road vehicles.

The Panther 5, positioned as a “super hybrid hardcore SUV,” is the first mass-produced model of Fangchengbao Auto equipped with a DMO super hybrid off-road platform. With the support of core technologies such as DMO and Yunni-P, Panther 5 has established four major standards of super power, ultra-low fuel consumption, ultra-high enjoyment, and super intelligent control. The electricity-based technical architecture ensures that its performance in all dimensions such as off-road performance, urban experience, and expandability has reached the leading level in its class.

For example, in off-road scenarios, based on an electric four-wheel drive system with millisecond response, the Leopard 5 can accurately identify changes in ground attachment, switch between 16 driving modes, and can also calmly distribute power in the face of extreme off-road conditions. It has excellent off-road capability with fast response, super strong escape, and extreme climbing.

In urban living scenarios, the Leopard 5's exclusive electricity-based series and parallel architecture, pioneered CTC battery chassis integration technology and non-load-bearing flexible body design, achieved the fuel consumption level and comfort of urban SUVs.

In outdoor scenes such as camping and self-driving tours, the Panther 5 is a new energy hardcore SUV that recharges energy, giving users more possibilities to create a free surrounding life. Its 6kW discharge power, up to 20kW in-situ power generation capacity, and the original car's own 31.8 kWh electricity create a solid foundation for free use of electricity in outdoor life.

It is worth noting that in addition to being committed to meeting the diverse needs of car owners, Fangchengbao also pays great attention to the personalized expression of car culture and incorporates it into product design. For example, the Panther 8 uses the “Future Starship” aesthetic to create a sense of future, power, and majesty; Panther 3 uses simple, exaggerated, and three-dimensional lines to create a metal body structure with simple, exaggerated, and three-dimensional lines to form an assertive personality; SUPER9 uses a “space cockpit” style double cab and open roof design, making it a model for a new energy high-performance sports car.

According to information, in the future, Equation Bao will promote the launch of new models one after another. Among them, the Panther 8, which is built based on the DMO super hybrid off-road platform, is scheduled to be launched in 2024; the Panther 3, which uses a pure electric drive, will be launched after the Panther 8.

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