Petrochemical oil service (600871.SH): No robots are used during operation

Gelonghui Finance ·  Apr 18 05:26

Gelonghui, April 18 | Petrochemical Oil Service (600871.SH) said on the investor interactive platform that the company currently does not use robots in the operation process, but the company has always attached importance to the development of informatization and digital technology, and the integration of the digital industry continues to deepen. Consolidate and expand petroleum engineering cloud platform (SICP) applications to achieve data penetration in 9 systems, including production, market, technology, and finance. Functional modules and application scenarios are becoming more and more perfect, and dynamic control and project-based operation support capabilities are constantly being enhanced. The typical scenario “Petroleum and Petrochemical Oil and Gas Field Ground Engineering Digital Pedestal Construction” application based on SICP won the first prize of the State Assets Administration Commission's first “State-owned Enterprise Digital Scenario Innovation Professional Competition”; deepening the integration of digital systems, and actively developing digital twin systems for drilling and underground operation process operating conditions based on real-time data, and iterative decision making and upgrading of well control sites center It effectively supports real-time optimization and intelligent decision-making throughout the drilling and completion cycle, and actively creates a “digital oil service”.

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