Zhitong Hong Kong Stock Repurchase Statistics|April 18

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 17 21:10

Hong Kong Stock Repurchase Statistics|April 18

According to data from the Zhitong Finance App, Yongsheng Services (01995), Kingdee International (00268), Skyworth Group (00751), Qingke Venture (01945), Bank of East Asia (00023), Tiangong International (00826), Sinopec Refining & Chemical Engineering (02386), Lianyirong Technology-W (09959), Swire Group A (00019), Tiange Interactive (01259), Future Development Holdings (01259), Taikoo Group B (00087) (06887) 68), Xinxing Group (01170 ), Jiufang Wealth (09636), Shiyao Group (01093), Bairongyun-W (06608), Riel Group (06639), Changshi Group (01113), Zhou Heiya (01458), AIA (01299), Conch Venture (00586), Hang Seng Bank (00011), Sun Sun Enterprise (00393), Chuangsheng Group-B (06628), Xiansheng Pharmaceutical (02096), Wanwuyun (02602) Technology (02158), KEEP (03650), Kangzhe Pharmaceutical ( 00867), Xiehe New Energy (00182), Kuaishou-W (01024), Yonghe Medical (02279), Touhu-W (09690), Guichuang Tongqiao B (02190), Thinkle Education (01769), SF Express Tongcheng (09699), Fussen Pharmaceutical (01652), Heyu-B (02256), and Kangsheng Global (09960) carried out repurchases on April 17, 2024. Among them, Hang Seng Bank (00011) had the largest repurchase amount, with a repurchase amount of 60,000 yuan and a repurchase amount of 574.276 million yuan.

Stock nameNumber of repurchasesRepurchase amountAnnual cumulative number of repurchases (shares)Annual cumulative number of repurchases/total share capital
Hang Seng Bank (00011)60.00 million574.276 million213.4 million0.112%
CSPC Pharmaceutical Group (01093)600.00 million349.292 million110.00 million0.092%
Changshi Group (01113)83.95 million26.2594 million784.74 million2.184%
Kuaishou-W (01024)43.5 million1996.25 million573.81 million1.322%
Swire Group A (00019)30.9 million18.73.09 million18.30.35 million2.136%
Xiansheng Pharmaceutical (02096)328.8 million16.94.82 million8512.1 million3.195%
Kingdee International (00268)10.00 million7.7942 million42.57 million1.220%
Kangzhe Pharmaceutical (00867)106.0 million742.38 million1141.00 million0.465%
Land Rover -W (09690)35.54 million6.3607 million10.31.02 million1.266%
Skyworth Group (00751)203.0 million619.39 million1.23 billion4.770%
AIA (01299)10.00 million468.76 million3.65 billion3.144%
Lianyirong Technology-W (09959)308.65 million4.4916 million14.886 million0.651%
Tiangong International (00826)233.8 million3.9702 million114.84 million0.414%
Conch Venture (00586)60.1 million3.20.8 million18.32.35 million1.011%
Zhou Black Duck (01458)140.25 million237.08 million2112.15 million0.886%
Bairongyun-W (06608)22.5 million2.12.65 million17.26.1 million3.434%
SF Tongcheng (09699)19.74 million201.70 million123.64 million1.325%
Honor-B (02256)50,00 million151.46 million747.8 million1.065%
Everything in the Cloud (02602)8.2 million144.55 million4.8535 million3.790%
Swire Group B (00087)14.25 million1,3963 million1974.75 million0.676%
Bank of East Asia (00023)12.22 million1.12.04 million3312.2 million1.238%
RYAL GROUP (06639)20.00 million112.00 million778.15 million1.338%
KEEP (03650)13.68 million77.98 million81.63 million0.155%
Jiufang Wealth (09636)7.70 million76.84 million474.70 million1.018%
Sinopec Refining and Chemical Engineering (02386)15.4 million74.45 million1861.00 million0.420%
Kangsheng Global (09960)44.5 million6805 million859.65 million0.868%
Xiehe New Energy (00182)98.0 million5978 million5.07 billion5.878%
FUSEN PHARMACEUTICAL (01652)64.8 million54.69 million114.870 million1.510%
Medu Technology (02158)1461 million50.07 million84.53 million0.080%
Yongsheng Services (01995)30.00 million39.9 million125.09 million0.720%
Thinking Music Education (01769)8.0 million31.59 million84.8 million0.150%
Sky Pigeon Interactive (01980)46.0 million21.51 million1115.8 million0.898%
Xinxing Group (01170)19.8 million16.34 million134.0 million0.197%
Rising Sun Enterprise (00393)8.0 million6.72 million1202.40 million0.787%
Seike Venture (01945)6.48 million6.53 million8064 million0.263%
Chuangsheng Group-B (06628)3.05 million4.27 million1,5905 million0.373%
Guichuang Tongqiao-B (02190)4000.003.80 million221.9 million0.684%
Yonghe Medical (02279)3.40 million3.7 million52.7 million0.100%
Tianfu (06868)5000.002.25 million5.03 million0.458%
Future Development Holdings (01259)5.0 million3948.33447.79 million1.969%
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