Zhitong Hong Kong Shareholders' Rights Disclosure | April 15

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 14 20:05

According to data from the Zhitong Finance App, China Jinmao (00817), Nuocheng Jianhua (09969), Sunshine 100 China (02608), BOE Precision (00710), and Anle Engineering (01977) made the latest shareholders' rights disclosure on April 15, 2024.

Stock nameName of institutionnatureShareholding before the changeShareholding after the changeShareholding ratio
China Jinmao (00817)Zhang HuiYoshikura4.484 million shares8.484 million shares0.06% (latest)
0.03% (previous)
Nuocheng Jianhua (09969)King Bridge Investments LimitedYoshikura1.06 billion shares1.06 billion shares5.99% (latest)
6.01% (previous)
Sunshine 100 China (02608)Fan XiaochongYoshikura16.99 billion shares16.99 billion shares66.62% (latest)
66.62% (previous)
Sunshine 100 China (02608)Fan XiaohuaYoshikura16.99 billion shares16.99 billion shares66.62% (latest)
66.62% (previous)
Sunshine 100 China (02608)Yi XiaodiYoshikura16.99 billion shares16.99 billion shares66.62% (latest)
66.62% (previous)
BOE Varitronics (00710)Ko Wing-yanYoshikura1,361 million shares1,3682 million shares0.17% (latest)
0.17% (previous)
BOE Varitronics (00710)SuningYoshikura1,464,300 shares1,473,600 shares0.19% (latest)
0.18% (previous)
Comfort Engineering (01977)Pan LetaoYoshikura9.07 billion shares9.22 billion shares65.88% (latest)
64.81% (previous)
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