内房股集体受压 雅居乐集团(03383)跌5.77% 多家房企首季合同销售金额同比下滑超五成

Domestic housing stocks were collectively pressured, Agile Group (03383) fell 5.77%. The contract sales amount of many housing companies in the first quarter fell by more than 50% year on year

金吾財訊 ·  Apr 10 21:45

Jinwu Financial News | Domestic housing stocks were collectively pressured. Agile Group (03383) fell 5.77%, Shimao Group (00813) fell 5.63%, Yuexiu Real Estate (00123) fell 5.16%, China Overseas Hongyang Group (00081), Sunac China (01918), Longhu Group (00960) fell more than 4%, and China Jinmao (00817) and Xuhui Holding Group (00884) fell more than 3.5%.

According to the news, the contract sales amount of many housing enterprises declined in the first quarter. Longhu Group achieved total contract sales of 23.48 billion yuan, a decrease of 53.7% in the first quarter; involving 1.64 million square meters of sales area; Yuexiu Real Estate's cumulative contract sales amount was 21.702 billion yuan, a decrease of 50.5%, involving a sales area of 704,500 square meters, a decrease of 44.7%; China's Jinmao obtained a cumulative contract sales amount of 17.52 billion yuan, a decrease of 60.4%.

According to a research report published by J.P. Morgan Chase, the core net profit of Chinese real estate developers fell 22% year on year. It is expected that this downward trend will continue from 2024 to 2025, mainly due to continued contraction in profit margins, which also means that the industry has not yet reached its bottom. Sales and policies are still the main driving force for domestic housing stocks, and the current weak performance is fully reflected. However, Motong believes that domestic housing may continue to lose in the second quarter, unless sales recovery is stronger than expected and there is an unexpected aggressive relaxation policy.

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