3月中国手游海外市场收入及下载量排行榜出炉!《Last War:Survival Game》首次问鼎收入榜

The March ranking of Chinese mobile game revenue and downloads in overseas markets has been released! “Last War: Survival Game” hits the revenue list for the first time

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 9 22:49

The Zhitong Finance App learned that according to the latest data from the Sensor Tower store intelligence platform, in March 2024, the revenue and download rankings of Chinese mobile game products in overseas markets were released. The 4X strategy mobile game “Last War: Survival Game”, which combines casual gameplay, increased by 40% in March, surpassed 100 million US dollars, reaching a record high, and topped the overseas mobile game revenue list for the first time. According to Sensor Tower data, “Last War: Survival Game” continues to expand its new user base through a large number of casual gameplay advertising materials, and maintains frequent SLG gameplay updates to retain core players. Over the past six months, it has attracted more than 240 million US dollars, and the Korean and US markets each contributed nearly 30% of total revenue.

In March, Diandian Interactive's “Whiteout Survival” (Whiteout Survival) continued to maintain stable content updates and launched a series of events such as “Anniversary Celebration,” “Lantern of Blessings,” “Lucky Rainbow Pack,” and “Easter.” This period's in-app purchase revenue increased 9% month-on-month, ranking runner-up in the revenue list.

The Japanese version of the Joy Net Games adventure RPG mobile game “The Legend of the Mushroom Hero” has repeatedly topped the Japanese iOS mobile game bestseller list by adding a comic worldview, magic lantern goddess, and Shiba Inu companion characters, and launched localized operations such as the “Thousand Lantern Ukiyokai” and spring-limited cherry blossom viewing events. Meanwhile, the English and Vietnamese versions of the game were launched in early March, and on the first day, it topped iOS mobile game download lists in various markets such as the US, France, Germany, Brazil, and Southeast Asia. The outstanding performance of the new market led to a 63% month-on-month increase in overseas purchase revenue for “The Legend of the Mushroom Hero” in March, winning the first place in overseas mobile game revenue growth, and steadily ranked 3rd in the revenue list.

As the 1st anniversary celebration approached, Miha Tour's “Collapse: Stardom Railroad” launched the new 2.1 version of “Crazy Run to the Abyss” in late March, and launched new characters “Huangquan” and “Gold Dust,” a new story “Devil in Velvet,” and a new event “Star Trip”. At the same time, the game's daily turnover rose rapidly, breaking the highest record in overseas markets since its launch. Revenue from overseas purchases increased by 51% in March, ranking 4th in the revenue list. Among them, Japan and the US, the markets with the highest overseas revenue, increased 35% and 68%, respectively.

March overseas mobile game revenue growth list

On the occasion of the 6th anniversary of its launch, Tencent's “PUBG MOBILE” launched a new 3.1 version and “Sky Wonderland” themed gameplay in mid-March. At the same time, with events such as “PUBG MOBILE 6th Anniversary,” “PUBG MOBILE × Bentley,” and “RP A6 Endless Sand,” the game's overseas purchase revenue increased 39% month-on-month in March, and climbed to 4th place in the growth list.

In mid-March, Mu Tong Technology's MOBA mobile game “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” launched the annual festival “MLBB ALLSTAR 2024” and launched events such as “March StarLight” and “The Aspirants Skins.” The launch of new characters and skins boosted the game's overseas revenue by 38% month-on-month in March, ranking 5th in the growth list.

With the launch of the new version and the new story “Battle for Fancheng,” the 3K-themed 4X strategy mobile game “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” under Lingxi Mutual Entertainment, surged rapidly in the Japanese market. Overseas revenue increased 70% month-on-month in March, returning to 16th place in the revenue list and rising to 7th place in the growth list.

In mid-March, Dewdrop Games launched a new magical-themed MMORPG mobile game “Pandora: The Prophet of Fate” in the Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau markets. With novel mystical themes, beautiful characters, endorsements by local celebrities and numerous benefits, and YouTube advertising, it topped the iOS mobile game download list and bestseller list in the Taiwan market on the first day of launch, making it the 8th place in this issue's growth list.

Lemon WeChat's two merger mobile games “Gossip Harbor” and “Seaside Escape” achieved another good result in March. Revenue increased by 30% and 41%, respectively, and ranked 10th and 11th in the growth list. According to Sensor Tower data, “Gossip Harbor”'s March revenue surpassed the classic merged mobile game “Merge Mansion” and took the runner-up in global consolidated mobile game revenue.

March Sailing Mobile Game Download List

The number of overseas downloads of “PUBG MOBILE” increased 20% month-on-month in March 2024, ranking first in this edition of the Overseas Mobile Game Download List.

Ivy Mobile's “Subway Princess Runner” remained strong in March, ranking 2nd in the download list.

In mid-late March, NetEase's tactical competitive mobile game “Blood Strike” launched a new season and pass. Overseas downloads rose 196% month-on-month in March, returning to 3rd place in the download list.

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