CLP Environmental Protection (300172.SZ): Providing customers with a full range of services from raw water, desalinated water and waste sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse to zero discharge

Gelonghui Finance ·  Apr 8 03:42

Gelonghui, April 8, 丨 CLP Environmental Protection (300172.SZ) said on the investor interactive platform that the company provides customers with a full process business from raw water, desalinated water and waste sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse to zero discharge, and has outstanding comprehensive service capabilities. Among them, the specialty business of full-film water treatment uses self-developed full-membrane processes and system equipment to effectively separate and concentrate suspended matter, organic matter, salts, etc. in water. It has the advantages of “efficient decontamination, deep desalination, wastewater emission reduction, energy saving and consumption reduction”, etc., and the effluent quality can meet industrial ultra-pure water standards. Nuclear power, metallurgy, petrochemicals, coal chemicals, fire Widely promoted and applied in industrial water treatment fields such as electricity, new energy, electronics, etc.; zero discharge of wastewater treatment and nanofiltration membrane separation characteristic business, successfully developed “zero emission” independent innovation technology and integrated systems by leading major national scientific and technological water projects, and was selected in the “National Industrial Water Saving Process, Technology and Equipment Collection”. It has advantages such as “energy saving and consumption reduction, low pollution, intelligence”, etc., and has been successfully promoted in industrial fields such as electricity, petrochemicals, metallurgy, coal chemicals, new energy, precision manufacturing, etc., to effectively reduce wastewater emissions, meet terminal treatment standards, and reuse resources “Zero emissions”. The ion exchange and full membrane technology independently developed by the company can be applied to the recycling and treatment of waste battery electrolytes. No relevant benefits have been generated yet. The company will actively follow up, evaluate and verify before participating in related projects.

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