港股异动 | 泰格医药(03347)涨超9%领涨CRO概念 制药行业向创新药转型 生物医药投融资逐步回暖

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Tiger Pharmaceuticals (03347) rose more than 9%, leading the CRO concept pharmaceutical industry's transformation to innovative drugs and a gradual recovery in biomedical investment and financing

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 8 01:47

The Zhitong Finance App learned that CRO concept stocks rose collectively. As of press release, Tiger Pharmaceuticals (03347) rose 8.8% to HK$30.3; Zhaoyan Pharmaceutical (06127) rose 6.43% to HK$8.77; Pharmaceutical Biotech (02269) rose 6.59% to HK$14.24; Zhaoyan Pharmaceutical (06127) rose 6.43% to HK$8.77; Pharmaceuticals (02359) rose 3.56% to HK$36.4.

Dongwu Securities pointed out that the global CRO market is expanding steadily. Among them, the growth rate of the CRO market in China is higher than that of the world, while the clinical CRO market is expanding significantly. The bank pointed out that China's pharmaceutical industry is gradually shifting from producing and selling generic drugs to innovative drugs, making research and development more difficult and expanding CRO demand. Pharmaceutical administration departments place higher demands on the development of innovative drugs, and the role of clinical CRO will become increasingly prominent under higher R&D risks. Furthermore, demand for generic drug research and development is strong. Among them, the surge in the number of generic drug verification clinical trials has brought new demand; biomedical investment and financing is slowly picking up, and demand for drug research and development is expected to be fully released.

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