安德利果汁(02218.HK)股票交易异常波动 目前经营状况正常

Andeley Juice (02218.HK) stock trading fluctuates abnormally and the current operating conditions are normal

Gelonghui Finance ·  Apr 2 09:13

On April 2, Ge Longhui | Andeley Juice (02218.HK) issued an announcement. The cumulative deviation value of the closing price increase of the company's stock exceeded 20% for 3 consecutive trading days on March 29, April 1, and April 2, 2024. According to the relevant provisions of the “Shanghai Stock Exchange Trading Rules”, this is a situation where stock trading fluctuates abnormally.

According to the company's own inspection, the company's current operating conditions are normal, there have been no major adjustments to the market environment or industry policies, production costs and sales conditions have not fluctuated greatly, and the internal production and operation order is normal.

The board of directors of the company confirmed that as of the disclosure date of this announcement, the company did not have any matters that should be disclosed in accordance with the “Shanghai Stock Exchange Stock Listing Rules” and other relevant regulations, or plans, negotiations, intentions, agreements, etc. relating to such matters, and the board of directors has not received any information that should be disclosed but not disclosed in accordance with the “Shanghai Stock Exchange Stock Listing Rules” and other relevant regulations that may have a significant impact on the trading prices of the Company's shares and derivatives; there is no information that needs to be corrected or added to the information disclosed earlier by the Company.

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