Chengdu German Merchants Affiliated to German Commercial Investment Service (02270) has received a payment of 1 million yuan from Chengdu Huashang

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 2 08:07

Zhitong Finance App News, German Commercial Investment Service (02270) issued an announcement. Chengdu DeShang (an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the company) filed a civil lawsuit against Chengdu Huashang Housing Development Co., Ltd. (Chengdu Huashang) in the Chengdu Jinjiang District People's Court as a plaintiff. The claim amount was RMB 4.173,900 (civil claim). The company was recently informed by Chengdu German businessman that Chengdu German businessman has received a judgment on the civil claim from the People's Court of Jinjiang District of Chengdu. According to the ruling, the defendant Chengdu Chinese businessman was ordered to pay RMB 1 million to the plaintiff Chengdu German businessman within 10 days from the effective date of the judgment; Chengdu Huashang did not refund the rent deposit of RMB 2,9567 million to Chengdu German businessman; other claims of Chengdu German businessman were rejected by the court; and Chengdu German businessman should bear the case processing fee of RMB 201,000 yuan, while Chengdu Chinese businessman should bear the case handling fee of RMB 23,700 yuan.

Chengdu German businessmen and Chengdu Chinese businessmen decided not to appeal the verdict. As of the date of this announcement, Chengdu German merchants have received a payment of RMB 1 million from Chengdu Chinese merchants.

On the date of this announcement, the Board of Directors confirmed that the judgment did not have any significant adverse impact on the Group's daily operations and financial situation, and that the company's current business and operations remain normal and stable.

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