Psyched: 5-MeO-DMT For Depression, Utah Hospitals Providing Therapy, Elon Musk And Meta's Influence

Benzinga ·  Mar 29 12:43

Intranasal 5-MeO-DMT Clinical Trial Offers Hope For Treatment-Resistant Depression

Partners Beckley Psytech and atai Life Sciences (NASDAQ:ATAI) have jointly announced positive initial results from a Phase 2a study of Beckley's novel formulation of 5-MeO-DMT in Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD.)

BPL-003 is a synthetic and patent-protected benzoate salt formulation of 5-MeO-DMT (aka mebufotenin) designed for intranasal administration. The open-label study assessed safety, tolerability and efficacy of the compound at a single 10mg dose, alongside psychological support, in patients with moderate-to-severe TRD (who withdrew from concomitant antidepressants.) Learn more.

Utah Hospitals Will Soon Provide...

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