Public use (01635): In 2023, various impairment preparations are estimated at about RMB 27.964,600

Zhitong Finance ·  Mar 28 12:57

Volkswagen Public Administration (01635) issued an announcement to objectively, truthfully and accurately reflect the company as of December 3, 2023...

Zhitong Finance App News, Dazhong (01635) issued an announcement. In order to objectively, truthfully and accurately reflect the company's financial situation as of December 31, 2023 and operating results for the year 2023, in accordance with the “Corporate Accounting Standards” and the relevant provisions of the company's accounting policy, and based on the principle of prudence, the company carried out impairment tests on the assets belonging to each company within the scope of the consolidated statement, and made impairment preparations for assets showing signs of impairment. According to the test results, the company and its subsidiaries will need to calculate various impairment provisions of approximately RMB 27.964,600 in 2023.

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