Reveal Technology, Inc. Receives $3.2M Award With U.S. Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL)

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BOZEMAN, Mont., March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Reveal Technology, Inc. (Reveal), is proud to share that they have been granted a $3.2M research, development, testing and evaluation (RDT&E) contract award with the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL).

The contract is a 12-month effort that will allow Reveal to enhance their Farsight platform to produce actionable intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR) to Marine Corps operators through near real-time 3D modeling and artificial intelligence analytics.

Farsight will provide users with a 3D modeling, and AI analytical platform allowing enhanced ISR at the tactical edge

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Farsight will provide users with a 3D modeling and AI analytical platform that allows enhanced ISR at the tactical edge on USMC-relevant devices, including AV's Tomahawk Robotics RAID plate & KxM.

The Reveal team will work alongside Government stakeholders, including MCWL, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division[AR1], and research and technology partners Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and AeroVironment's (AV) Tomahawk GCS group to optimize Farsight for use on the Marine Corps' Group 1 and 2 Family of unmanned aircraft systems, develop analytical enhancements to support Marine Corps specific use cases and perform operational testing, evaluation, and training with Marine Corps users.

In support of the overarching force design goals of investing in unmanned aircraft systems and applied artificial intelligence (AI), Reveal will provide integrated AI-enhanced ISR capabilities for Marine Corps experimentation via the Farsight application. As MCWL initiatives are experimented with across the force, USMC users will be trained and deployed to generate rapid, actionable intelligence for decision-makers at every echelon.

"We are grateful to MCWL for their support of this award. We're looking forward to working with our project stakeholders to revolutionize Marine Corp ISR using cutting-edge computer vision and AI," said Garrett Smith, CEO of Reveal. "Reveal understands the importance of autonomous capabilities in the next fight and looks forward to seeing its impact on joint all-domain operations."

Farsight will provide users with a 3D modeling, and AI analytical platform allowing enhanced ISR at the tactical edge on USMC relevant devices to include AV's Tomahawk Robotics RAID plate.

"Tomahawk is looking forward to partnering with Reveal to leverage Farsight on the RAID system," Scott Bowman, Tomahawk Robotics' product line manager at AV. "Farsight's AI and mapping capabilities, combined with the RAID plate's edge compute, will give any warfighter operating a Kinesis-integrated uncrewed aircraft vehicle a new level of ISR capability and situational awareness. This integration will allow near real-time map generation within Kinesis and distribution to the greater tactical network to facilitate improved coordination of manned and unmanned teams on the dynamic battlefield."

About Farsight, by Reveal

Farsight, by Reveal, is a receive-only software solution that provides users with actionable intelligence in network-constrained environments. Farsight processes sensor-collected imagery to create 3D models in near real-time. The platform is sensor operating system agnostic to integrate seamlessly into Department of Defense legacy, current, and future systems. Users can mesh Farsight's AI-powered analytics into models in real-time. Both modeling and analytics are processed at the edge with minimal processing power requirements, making it unlike any other commercial-off-the-shelf or government-off-the-shelf solution on the market.

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