SG Movers for Wednesday: DFIRG USD Was the Top Gainer

moomoo News ·  Mar 20 05:47

FTSE Singapore Straits Time Index
$DFIRG USD (D01.SG)$ was the top gainer, climbing 3.37% to close at S$2.150.
The top loser was $Jardine C&C (C07.SG)$, falling 1.40% to close at S$24.030.
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$First Reit (AW9U.SG)$ was the top gainer, climbing 2.04% to close at S$0.250.
The top loser was $EliteComREIT GBP (MXNU.SG)$, falling 4.35% to close at S$0.220.
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Top-Traded SG Stocks
$DBS Group Holdings (D05.SG)$ was the most actively traded company on Wednesday, falling 0.11% to close at S$34.940. The turnover reached S$98.61M.


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