China Wangwang (00151.HK) received 5.123 million additional shares from Chairman and CEO Cai Yanming

Gelonghui Finance ·  Mar 12 19:25

Gelonghui, March 13 | According to the Stock Exchange's latest equity disclosure data, from March 7 to March 11, 2024, China Wangwang (00151.HK) was granted a total increase of 5.123 million shares by executive director Cai Yanming (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) at an average price of HK$4.2333-4.4069 per share on the market, involving approximately HK$22.262 million.

After increasing her holdings, Choi Yin-ming's latest shareholding was 6,328,695,100 shares, and the shareholding ratio increased from 53.54% to 53.58%.


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