The Jiangsu Ning—Shanghai Expressway (00177.HK) promotes the company's “improving quality, increasing efficiency and increasing returns” and continuous shareholder returns

Gelonghui Finance ·  Mar 6 09:21

Gelonghui, March 6, 丨 Jiangsu Ninghu Expressway (00177.HK) announced that in order to implement the “investor-based” development concept of listed companies, protect the interests of all shareholders of the company, and based on confidence and value recognition of the company's future development prospects, the company will adopt the following effective measures to effectively “improve quality, efficiency and return” to establish the company's good market image.

1. Focus on the main road and bridge business to create new profit growth points

The company's main business is investment, construction, operation and management of toll roads and bridges, and the development of service area support services along highways. By the end of 2023, the Company had directly participated in the operation and investment of 17 road and bridge projects, and owned or participated in the opened road and bridge mileage of more than 910 kilometers. The company's business area is located in the Yangtze River Delta region, which has the most dynamic economy in China. The road and bridge project owned or owned by the company is a major land transportation corridor connecting east to west and north of Jiangsu Province. The regional economy is active and traffic is busy. In the second half of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the company will further focus on the main highway and bridge business, increase investment in the highway network, accelerate the overall layout connecting the east and west expressways in southern Jiangsu, continuously enhance the company's core competitiveness and radiance and driving force in the southern Jiangsu Expressway network, consolidate the company's position as the main investment and operator in the southern Jiangsu road network, continuously meet the public's demand for beautiful travel, and continue to promote revenue growth.

2. Strengthen shareholder returns and implement an active dividend policy

The company attaches great importance to a reasonable return on investment for investors. Since its listing, it has paid dividends every year, and has maintained a high level of cash dividends. It has now accumulated cash dividends of 36.3 billion yuan. In the past five years, the company's dividend was 0.46 yuan per share, and the dividend rates reached 52.95%, 55.18%, 94.04%, 55.46%, and 62.22%, respectively. During that time, performance was impacted, and profits were under year-on-year pressure, but the absolute value of the dividend amount remained constant. In the future, under the premise of normal operation, the company will continue to insist on providing investors with continuous and stable cash dividends, and fully consider the further steady growth of the company's future operations to bring long-term return on investment to shareholders.

3. Focus on transparency and improve investor relationship management

The company adheres to the principles of compliance, equality, initiative, honesty and trustworthiness. While doing a good job in information disclosure, the company continues to strengthen communication with investors, ensure the transparency of information, and establish smooth communication channels. The company listens to investors' feedback and responds to investors' concerns in a timely manner through the “e-interaction” platform of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, investor email, investor hotline, etc., and conveys corporate value. At the same time, the company regularly or organizes face-to-face communication activities such as conference calls, investor strategy meetings, and domestic and overseas roadshows on important matters to share the company's strategy, development plans and performance with investors. In the future, the company will continue to enrich investor communication channels, enhance the depth and breadth of interaction between the company and investors, and enhance investors' understanding and recognition.

The company will continue to evaluate and implement measures related to “improving quality, efficiency, and valuing return”, and strive to effectively fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of listed companies through standardized corporate governance, good performance, and positive investor returns, give back the trust of investors, maintain the company's market image, and jointly promote the smooth operation of the capital market.

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