中信里昂:予新创建集团“跑输大市”评级 中期业绩主要受特别股息推动

CITIC Lyon: The mid-term results of the “outperforming the market” rating for the newly founded group were mainly driven by a special dividend

新浪港股 ·  Feb 27 22:17

CITIC Lyon released a research report stating that the new founding group (00659) was rated “outperforming the market”, and that the interim results were mainly driven by a special dividend. The Group's recurring profit for the first half of fiscal year 2024 increased 13% to HK$1.3 billion, which is the bank's forecast of 52% for the full year. Hong Kong businesses such as the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center and Fortis Insurance performed well. Meanwhile, rent growth and occupancy rates at container logistics centers in Asia remained healthy, while mainland toll roads were affected by exchange rates during the period, but profits grew moderately.

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