Starlink Technology (688031.SH) had a net loss of 270 million yuan in 2023

Zhitong Finance ·  Feb 25 02:38

Starlink Technology (688031.SH) revealed its 2023 annual results report. In 2023, the company will be in business...

According to Zhitong Finance App News, Star Ring Technology (688031.SH) disclosed the 2023 annual performance report. In 2023, the company achieved total operating revenue of 538 million yuan, an increase of 44.45% over the same period last year; net profit losses attributable to owners of the parent company were 270 million yuan, a decrease of 1,5473 million yuan compared to the same period last year.

During the reporting period, the company earnestly implemented the established development strategy, comprehensively upgraded the three product matrices of big data and cloud infrastructure platforms, distributed relational databases, data development and intelligent analysis tools to further consolidate product competitiveness, actively embrace technological changes brought about by the launch of big models, continue to improve ecosystem construction, strive to overcome macroeconomic and market environment influencing factors, strengthen full-link process control of the company's business, optimize resource allocation, and improve operating efficiency, laying a solid foundation for the growth of the company's performance in 2023.

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