港股异动 | 中国科培(01890)涨超6% 逐步进入常态化分类监管 教培板块企稳回归规范发展

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | China Science and Technology (01890) rose more than 6% and gradually entered the normalized classification, supervision, education and training sector and steadily returned to standardized development

Zhitong Finance ·  Feb 22 21:14

The Zhitong Finance App learned that China Science and Technology (01890) rose by more than 6% and rose 6.25% as of press time to HK$1.53, with a turnover of HK$9.29 million.

According to the news, on the evening of February 8, the Ministry of Education issued the “Regulations on the Administration of Out-of-School Training (Draft for Comments)”. It mentions various aspects, such as extracurricular training for students in compulsory education. Government-guided price management should be implemented in accordance with the law, and provincial people's governments should formulate fee management measures. Fees for other off-campus training shall be reported to the approval authority for the record.

Guotai Junan released a research report saying that the education and training sector is steadily returning to standardized development, focusing on the release of performance and boosting valuation. With the gradual introduction of rules at the executive level, clarification of penalty rules and supervisory subjects, and gradual entry into normalized classification and supervision; the education industry is stabilizing and trending upward. Currently, it has strong and scarce operational resilience, and sector valuations are expected to be boosted.

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