CLP Environmental Protection (300172.SZ): It has undertaken the cooperative development and development of an engineering prototype for the radioactive waste liquid advanced treatment system at the Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Plant

Gelonghui Finance ·  Feb 22 04:47

Gelonghui, Feb. 22 | CLP Environmental Protection (300172.SZ) said on the interactive platform that in terms of nuclear island radioactive wastewater treatment, the company has undertaken joint development and development of the Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Plant radioactive waste liquid advanced treatment system prototype. The decontamination factors mainly include iodine, cesium/rubidium, and others (not including inert gases and tritium). It has completed research and development work such as project design, development, testing, etc. and passed expert review. The radioactive waste liquid discharge concentration met the national emission standards requirements for nuclear power plants, and jointly developed and applied for relevant patents with the Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Plant. The company undertakes and implements conventional island and auxiliary system projects, including desalination, seawater desalination, condensate, two-circuit steam sampling and chemical dosing, etc., and the technology is continuously improved in application. The main customers include: CNNC Group, China General Nuclear Power Group, China Power Investment Group, etc., mainly Qinshan Nuclear Power, Sanmen Nuclear Power, Tianwan Nuclear Power, Xudabao Nuclear Power, Ningde Nuclear Power, Yangjiang Nuclear Power, Fangchenggang Nuclear Power, Hongyanhe Nuclear Power, Taishan Nuclear Power, Haiyang Nuclear Power, etc.; undertook the third nuclear power Generation reactor water treatment projects, mainly including: China Hualong 1, US AP1000, and participation in foreign nuclear power plants project.

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