Tesla Dominates California New Vehicle Sales In 2023: Here's How The EV Carmaker Compares To GM, Ford, Toyota

Benzinga ·  Feb 21 16:49

Electric vehicle leader Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) hit several impressive milestones in 2023, including the Model Y breaking electric vehicle sales records and being the top-selling vehicle globally.

While Tesla has a strong market share around the world, a new report showed the dominance the company's vehicle models have in California.

What Happened: Tesla was founded and originally headquartered in California before moving its headquarters to Texas.

Despite the move, California is home to the company's Fremont factory, the largest vehicle-producing factory in the U.S.

A new report from CleanTechnica, citing data from the California New Car Dealers Association, revealed the strong market share Tesla has in the state.

Here were the top-selling vehicles in California for 2023:

Tesla Model Y: 132,636 units

Tesla Model 3: 82,786 units

Toyota RAV4: 58,496 units

Toyota Camry: 51,330 units

Honda Civic: 42,564 units

Honda CR-V: 42,044 units

Honda Accord: 40,878 units

Ford F-Series: 40,507 units

Toyota Corolla: 38,196 units

Chevrolet Silverado: 36,821 units

Here's the list of the top automakers in California in 2023 by units sold:

Toyota: 278,345

Tesla: 230,589

Honda: 172,834

Ford: 127,976

Chevrolet: 118,952

Kia: 83,512

Hyundai: 74,713

Mercedes: 68,684

Nissan: 66,982

Subaru: 64,808

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Why It's Important: Two Tesla vehicles dominate the list with the Model Y and Model 3 selling more units combined than the third, fourth and fifth place vehicles combined.

The list includes all automotive models, not just electric vehicles, which is a list Tesla would dominate even further.

Toyota Motors (NYSE:TM) is well represented on the list for vehicles sold in California with the third, fourth, and ninth place vehicles. Honda Motor Co Ltd (NYSE:HMC) had the fifth, sixth and seventh bestselling vehicles in California for 2023.

Tesla narrowly missed out on being the top automotive company in California by units in 2023 with Toyota leading the way.

Ford Motor Co (NYSE:F) ranked fourth by units sold and had only one vehicle, the popular F-Series pickup truck, in the top 10 models. Chevrolet, a unit of General Motors Co (NYSE:GM), ranked fifth overall and had the tenth bestselling vehicle in California.

Tesla's 230,589 vehicles sold in California in 2023 were almost as many as Ford and Chevrolet had combined (246,928).

The results of California come as Tesla dominated several countries that have advanced their electric vehicle initiatives forward like Norway.

In North America, Tesla had a market share of 4.20% in 2023 with 654,888 deliveries according to reports. General Motors led the way in North America in 2023 with 16.5% market share, followed by Toyota and Ford at 14.4% and 12.7%, respectively.

California's and Tesla's dominance over the years could show where EV sales could be headed as more states increase EV initiatives and spending.

Photo: Tesla Model Y , courtesy Tesla

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