医药股普涨 云顶新耀(01952)涨7.37% 机构指医药行业短期超跌 有望迎来阶段性反弹

Pharmaceutical stocks generally rose, Genting Xinyao (01952) rose 7.37%. Institutions say that the short-term overfall in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to usher in a phased rebound

金吾財訊 ·  Feb 20 21:17

Jinwu Financial News | Pharmaceutical stocks generally rose, Genting Xinyao (01952) rose 7.37%, Pharmaceutical (02269) rose 5.46%, Pharmaceutical Kangde (02359) rose 5.3%, Kingsley Biotech (01548) rose 4.46%, Gacos (01167) rose 4.04%, and Tiger Pharmaceuticals (03347) rose 3.85%.

According to the Huajin Securities Research Report, 1) Short-term: The pharmaceutical industry has fallen sharply in the short term and is expected to usher in a phased rebound. From a rebound perspective, it is recommended to allocate individual stocks in sectors with large losses in the previous period. The 2023 annual report performance forecast has been disclosed. Sectors such as traditional Chinese medicine blood products have steady performance and reasonable valuations. Currently, it is still recommended to allocate undervalued sub-sectors with steady performance, such as traditional Chinese medicine, offline pharmacies, and blood products. 2) Long-term: Currently, the industry is bottoming out, and is at a low level both in terms of valuation and growth rate. The fundamental demand side of the industry is stable and improving, the industry ecology is constantly being optimized, and we are optimistic about innovative drugs and innovative devices represented by growth.

BOC International said that the pharmaceutical industry has clearly rebounded this week, but the current valuation is still in the bottom range. The bank believes that the sector will still be highly elastic in the short term. Furthermore, as sales of titerpopeptide and simeglutide continued to increase, Lilly and Novo Nordisk's stock price reached a new high, and the recent NDA for the GCGR/GLP-1R dual-target innovative drug, was accepted, once again drawing investors' attention to the Chinese diet drug market. Entering March-April, the bank suggests paying attention to the performance of pharmaceutical companies' annual/quarterly reports. Innovative drug sales are expected to resume the pace of sales, and there is a certain possibility of exceeding market expectations. Stock prices are expected to continue to recover as sector investment sentiment stabilizes.

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