Samsung and Arm's Latest AI Chip Collaboration: A New Era for Mobile Computing

Benzinga ·  Feb 20 13:08

Samsung Electronics Co (OTC:SSNLF) has announced a collaboration with Arm Holdings Plc (NASDAQ:ARM) to deliver the next-generation Arm Cortex-X CPU using Samsung Foundry's latest Gate-All-Around (GAA) process technology.

This partnership, built on a long history of millions of devices featuring Arm CPU intellectual property on Samsung's process nodes, aims to introduce significant innovations in the semiconductor industry. Arm stock is trading lower, close to 7% Tuesday.

The initiative includes plans to develop a 2-nanometer (nm) GAA for future data centers and custom silicon infrastructure alongside an AI chipset solution targeting the generative AI mobile computing market.

Jongwook Kye of Samsung and Chris Bergey of Arm highlighted the benefits of this extended partnership, emphasizing the shared goal of pushing mobile computing boundaries and addressing the demands of the AI era. Based on its GAA technology, Samsung's introduction of the 3nm Multi-Bridge-Channel FET (MBCFET) technology in 2022 marks a significant advancement beyond the FinFET generation, offering improved power efficiency and performance.

Last week, Nvidia Corp (NASDAQ:NVDA) boosted its stake in its failed acquisition target Arm Holdings. Nvidia's stake in Arm amounted to $147.3 million.

Arm Holdings' shares surged by 119% over the past quarter. Following its initial public offering in September, the company's market valuation soared to $130 billion, driven by the excitement around artificial intelligence.

Arm analysts had flagged the significant role of Armv9 in smartphones and potential growth in the Data Center, Automotive, and IoT sectors.

Price Action: ARM shares traded lower by 6.31% at $120.25 on Tuesday.

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