药明系集体上扬 药明合联(02268)涨6.51% 机构指医药板块已进入价值投资区间

Pharmacovigilance rose collectively, Pharmaceutical Federation (02268) rose 6.51%, institutions say the pharmaceutical sector has entered the value investment range

金吾財訊 ·  Feb 19 21:40

Jinwu Financial News | Pharmacovigilance rose collectively. As of press release, Yao Ming Union (02268) rose 6.51%, Pharmaceutical Kangde (02359) rose 4.05%, and Pharmaceutical Biotech (02269) rose 3.01%.

According to the news, according to documents disclosed by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on February 19, The Capital Group Companies, Inc. (The Capital Group Companies, Inc.) increased its holdings of Pharmaceutical Kant's H shares by 975,500 shares at an average price of HK$38.433 per share on February 15, worth approximately HK$37.4914 million. According to the Huajin Securities Research Report, the pharmaceutical industry is currently in the bottoming stage. Whether from a valuation perspective or a rise or fall perspective, it is stable and improving on the fundamental demand side of the low-level industry, and the industry ecology is constantly being optimized.

Tianfeng Securities released a research report saying that for the first time, it covered Yao Ming Joint Stock Exchange and gave it a “buy” rating, and is optimistic about long-term rapid growth in performance. Furthermore, the company's revenue from 2023 to 2025 is estimated to be RMB 2,029/32.5/RMB 4.902 billion, respectively, and net profit of RMB 2.83/5.69/959 million yuan, respectively. Guotai Junan believes that according to the announcement, the relevant draft has not yet been effectively promulgated, and will require further review and possible changes in the future. From the perspective of the global industrial chain, local CXO engineer dividends, infrastructure, environmental labor costs, rapid response and delivery advantages are still remarkable. It is difficult to find high-quality “meal replacements” worldwide, and the company has a medium- to long-term competitive advantage as an industry leader.

CICC released a research report saying that after more than 2 years of systematic adjustments, the pharmaceutical sector has entered the value investment range. With the gradual stabilization of domestic policies and the fading of the innovation bubble, outstanding representatives of domestically produced innovative drugs and medical devices began to stand out under the storm. According to the Huajin Securities Research Report, 1) Short-term: The pharmaceutical industry has fallen sharply in the short term and is expected to usher in a phased rebound. From a rebound perspective, it is recommended to allocate individual stocks in sectors with large losses in the previous period. The 2023 annual report performance forecast has been disclosed. Sectors such as traditional Chinese medicine blood products have steady performance and reasonable valuations. Currently, it is still recommended to allocate undervalued sub-sectors with steady performance, such as traditional Chinese medicine, offline pharmacies, and blood products. 2) Long-term: Currently, the industry is bottoming out, and is at a low level both in terms of valuation and growth rate. The fundamental demand side of the industry is stable and improving, the industry ecology is constantly being optimized, and we are optimistic about innovative drugs and innovative devices represented by growth.

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