港股异动 | 内房股普遍回暖 世茂集团(00813)涨超7% 六大行加速跟进房地产融资“白名单”

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Domestic housing stocks are generally picking up, Shimao Group (00813) rose more than 7%, and the six major banks are speeding up the “white list” of real estate financing

Zhitong Finance ·  Feb 15 21:06

Domestic housing stocks generally picked up. As of press release, Shimao Group (00813) rose 7.06% to HK$0.455; Longguang Group (03380) rose 5.36% to HK$0.59; and R&F Real Estate (02777) rose 5.05% to HK$1.04.

The Zhitong Finance App learned that domestic real estate stocks were generally picking up. As of press release, Shimao Group (00813) rose 7.06% to HK$0.455; Longguang Group (03380) rose 5.36% to HK$0.59; R&F Real Estate (02777) rose 5.05% to HK$1.04; Agile Group (03383) rose 4.55% to HK$0.69; Yuexiu Real Estate (00123) rose 3.16% to HK$5.22.

According to news, during the Spring Festival, new developments continued to be reported in China's urban real estate financing coordination mechanism. According to the latest disclosure of the six major state-owned banks of industry, agriculture, China, construction, communications, and postal storage, they have connected more than 8,000 real estate financing “white list” projects. Among them, since the list of projects was launched in various regions on January 30, as of February 13, the Bank of Commerce has obtained and connected 1,442 projects on the list, and has already invested in loans for some of these projects.

Ping An Securities said that real estate policies have been introduced intensively. In addition to first-tier cities successively optimizing purchase restrictions, the country's first batch of special loans for urban village renovation was issued, and real estate financing coordination mechanisms are also gradually being implemented. On the one hand, financing-side policy support is conducive to easing short-term liquidity pressure on the industry. On the other hand, a new round of local policy optimization is expected to stabilize the volume and price of regional property markets. As favorable policy factors continue to ferment, superposition sector and individual stock valuations have declined sharply, market expectations and institutional holdings have fallen to a low point, and the current sector allocation can be moderately positive.

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