【特约大V】郭家耀:市场气氛未见改善 外围出现调整 料指数或下试15,200点支持

[Special Offer V] Guo Jiayao: The market atmosphere has not improved, and the periphery adjusted the material index or tested 15,200 points of support

金吾財訊 ·  Feb 13 20:05

Jinwu Financial News | US stocks declined significantly on Tuesday. The latest US inflation data was higher than expected, spurring a significant increase in US bond interest rates. The three major indices all recorded significant declines to close. The trend of the US dollar is improving. Interest rates on US ten-year bonds have soared to 4.32%. Gold price performance is under pressure, while oil prices have rebounded upward. Hong Kong stocks generally declined, and it is expected that the market will open lower in the early part of the market. The mainland stock market was closed during the holidays, and Hong Kong stocks continued to weaken before the Lunar New Year holiday. There was no improvement in market atmosphere. Coupled with peripheral adjustments, the index is expected to drop 15,200 points of support, and the upward resistance is at the level of 16,000 points.

Industry news
Ed Weixuan (09919) is happy. Revenue is expected to exceed 960 million yuan in 2023, an increase of about 38.2% year-on-year, and profit is expected to exceed 110 million yuan, an increase of about 290% year-on-year. The Group's expected revenue and net profit growth is mainly due to the Group's experiential marketing business showing significant growth due to the gradual recovery of the Chinese economy; the Group's online and offline integrated marketing services have enhanced the brand value of customers, and demand for such marketing strategies is increasing; and as a market leader in the industry, the Group has successfully grasped the marketing needs of high-end brands in mainland China and Hong Kong, further promoting the Group's overall business. The company's business covers experiential marketing, digital marketing and brand promotion, and has a number of top international IPs authorized in China. The company team is experienced, customer resources continue to grow rapidly, and the future prospects continue to be optimistic.

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Author; Guo Jiayao, Managing Director of Huiying International Asset Management

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