Forecasting The Future: 4 Analyst Projections For MKS Instruments

Benzinga ·  Feb 9 15:00

MKS Instruments (NASDAQ:MKSI) underwent analysis by 4 analysts in the last quarter, revealing a spectrum of viewpoints from bullish to bearish.

Summarizing their recent assessments, the table below illustrates the evolving sentiments in the past 30 days and compares them to the preceding months.

BullishSomewhat BullishIndifferentSomewhat BearishBearish
Total Ratings31000
Last 30D11000
1M Ago20000
2M Ago00000
3M Ago00000

Analysts' evaluations of 12-month price targets offer additional insights, showcasing an average target of $128.75, with a high estimate of $140.00 and a low estimate of $120.00. Surpassing the previous average price target of $104.00, the current average has increased by 23.8%.

price target chart

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