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Gelonghui Finance ·  Jan 26 10:29

[Today's focus]

Bank of Jinzhou (00416.HK): Liaoning Financial Holding Group makes a takeover offer for the company

Bank of Jinzhou (00416.HK) announced that on January 26, 2024, the offender, Liaoning Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd. and the Bank jointly announced that (i) CICC stated that it would make a voluntary conditional full cash offer to acquire all H shares at an offer price of HK$1.38 per H share (equivalent to the closing price of HK$1.38 per H share as reported by the Stock Exchange on the last trading day) and (ii) the offeror stated that it would make a voluntary conditional full cash offer per share All domestic stocks were purchased at an offer price of RMB 1.25 Domestic shares issued.

After the H share offer becomes unconditional and the shareholders approve the delisting at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and the approval of the delisting by independent H share shareholders at the H share class shareholders' meeting, the Bank will apply for delisting in accordance with section 6.12 of the Listing Rules.

The offender is a limited liability company registered in China on December 18, 2019. The business scope is: investment and capital management; capital investment services; privately raised securities investment funds; holding company services; and financial information services. The sole shareholder of the offeror is the Liaoning Provincial Department of Finance, which held 100% of the offeror's shares on the date of this announcement.

Reasons and benefits of making the offer: (1) Since the Bank's H shares have been in a relatively low price range for most of the time, the trading volume of the Bank's H shares has also been sluggish. (2) The Bank's H shares announced the suspension of trading on January 20, 2023, and announced major financial restructuring information on February 2, 2023. As of the date of this announcement, the Bank plans to continue to postpone the publication of the audited financial results for the financial year ended 31 December 2022 and the interim financial results for the six months ended June 30, 2023. On the date of this announcement, the Bank and its auditors were still unable to determine the schedule for announcing the above financial results.

After implementation of the offer, the offeror has no intention of listing the shares in other markets. Considering that the Bank is a regional commercial bank, after delisting, the Bank will continue to carry out characteristic operations based on the local area and focus on its main business. The offeror will still be able to suggest strategic adjustments to the Group's business, structure and/or direction from time to time as required by actual circumstances. In addition to the above circumstances, the offeror will maintain the Bank's current business to the extent possible.

[Important matters]

Baoxin Land (00299.HK) enters into a repayment agreement

Zhiyun Health (09955.HK) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Anyuan Biomedical Technology

[Financial results]

Orient Securities (03958.HK) net profit of 2.75 billion yuan in 2023 decreased by 8.65% year-on-year

China Shipbuilding Defense (00317.HK) expects net profit to decrease by 92.30% to 93.75% in 2023

Air China (00753.HK) expects net loss of about 900 million to 1.3 billion yuan in 2023

China Aluminum (02600.HK) expects net profit to increase by 50% to 74% in 2023

Chongqing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (01053.HK): Expected net loss of around 1,592 billion yuan in 2023

Harbin Electric (01133.HK) Yingxi: Expected net profit of 550 million yuan to mother in fiscal year 2023

Jingmen Semiconductor (02878.HK): Total profit expected to be accounted for by shareholders of 18.5 million to 19.5 million US dollars in 2023

Tianhong International Group (02678.HK) Profit Alert: Expected net loss of about 300 million yuan in 2023

China Metal Utilization (01636.HK) Profit Warning: Shareholders' share loss is estimated to be about 4.763 billion yuan in 2022

Yongsheng Medical (01612.HK) Yingxi: Expected annual net profit of not less than HK$52 million

Peng Shun International (06163.HK) lost about 2.79 million US dollars per year

China Building Materials (03323.HK) expects profit attributable to equity holders to drop by about 65% in 2023

[Operational data]

China Communications Construction (01800.HK) signed a new contract amount of 1753.215 billion yuan in 2023, an increase of 13.68% year-on-year

The mines invested by CGN Mining (01164.HK) in the fourth quarter produced a total of 680.2tu of natural uranium

China Nonferrous Mining (01258.HK) expects comprehensive copper production of about 550,000 tons in 2024

[Pharmaceutical Innovation]

Boan Biotech (06955.HK) signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Health Yuan

Shisi Pharmaceutical Group (02005.HK) obtained approval from the State Drug Administration for Phase 1 clinical trial of the new chemical drug SYN045 tablets

[Acquisition and sale]

The controlling shareholder of Zhifu Resources Investment (00007.HK) transferred a total of 2,278 billion shares of the company

Economic Times Group (00423.HK) plans to sell Hong Kong properties for HK$135 million

China Carbon Neutrality (01372.HK) plans to acquire all shares in China Ecological Environment Development for HK$60 million

Zhuohang Holdings (01865.HK) plans to sell all shares in JUMBO HARVEST GROUP for HK$9.25 million

Xinyuan Enterprise Group (01748.HK): Two independent third parties plan to acquire about 7.35% and 9.45% of the shares from the company's shareholders respectively and resume trading on the 29th

International Commercial Settlement (00147.HK): Yuan Liang plans to transfer 30% of Changhong's shares to Ren Yu

Green Economy (01315.HK) plans to acquire approximately 6.85% of R -TECHO Co., Ltd.

[Equity Incentives]

Luyuan Group Holdings (02451.HK) directed the trustee to purchase existing shares on the market for no more than HK$100 million

Ruili Medical & Aesthetic (02135.HK) grants 48.63 million share options

GBA Group (00261.HK) grants 45 million share options

Hong Kong Science and Technology Exploration (01137.HK) grants a total of 15 million share options

Chuangsheng Group-B (06628.HK) grants 4.9 million award shares to 206 award grantees

[Issuance of additional shares]

Changyou Alliance (01039.HK) issues HK$126 million 2024 convertible bonds

Accor Holdings (03313.HK) plans to allocate 61.72 million shares at a discount of approximately 9.91% to raise HK$12.24 million

Duoniu Technology (01961.HK) plans to place up to 50.7 million shares at a premium of about 28.6% to raise HK$87.5 million

[Increase or decrease holdings]

Sun Taoyong, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Weimeng Group (02013.HK), increased his holdings by a total of 1.5 million shares

[Repurchase Cancellation]

HSBC Holdings (00005.HK) spent HK$151 million to repurchase 2.4972 million shares on January 25

Xiaomi Group-W (01810.HK) spent HK$92.63 million to buy back 7 million shares on January 26

Kuaishou-W (01024.HK) spent HK$39.95 million to buy back 918,000 shares on January 26

Shell-W (02423.HK) spent 5 million US dollars to buy back 1.03 million shares on January 25

China Software International (00354.HK) spent HK$245.642 million to buy back 5 million shares on January 26

Jinshan Software (03888.HK) spent HK$1998.27 million to buy back 979,000 shares on January 26

CIMC Group (02039.HK) spent 1999 million yuan to buy back 2.385 million A shares on January 26

Kingdee International (00268.HK) spent HK$19.631 million to repurchase 2.22 million shares on January 26

Hisense Home Appliances (00921.HK) spent 19.07 million yuan to buy back 752,900 A shares on January 26

COSCO Marine Holdings (01919.HK) spent HK$15.209 million to buy back 1.806 million shares on January 26

ESR (01821.HK) spent HK$14.17 million to buy back 1.39 million shares on January 26

Longyuan Electric Power (00916.HK) spent HK$113.363 million to repurchase 2,314,000 shares on January 26

Fangda Holdings (01521.HK) spent HK$9.375 million to repurchase 4.866 million shares on January 26

Swire Group A (00019.HK) spent HK$9.326 million to repurchase 148,500 shares on January 26

China Wangwang (00151.HK) spent HK$8.352 million to buy back 1.914 million shares on January 26

AIA (01299.HK) spent HK$5.95 million to buy back 92,200 shares on January 26

Bubble Mart (09992.HK) spent HK$5.65,800 to buy back 300,000 shares on January 26

Pearl Pharmaceuticals (01513.HK) spent HK$5.38 million to buy back 222,000 shares on January 26

Conch Cement (00914.HK) spent 4.567,700 yuan to buy back 200,000 A shares on January 26

Goli Pharmaceutical-B (01672.HK) spent HK$4.245,000 to buy back 2.5 million shares on January 26

Forson Pharmaceuticals (01652.HK) spent HK$3.11 million to repurchase 2.25 million shares on January 26

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