China Health Technology Group (01069) plans to develop diversified trading business related to beach sheep with Ningxia Ketuo Shepherds

Zhitong Finance ·  Jan 24 08:39

China Health Technology Group (01069) issued an announcement. On January 24, 2024, the company and Ningxia KeTuo Shepherd...

Zhitong Finance App News, China Health Technology Group (01069) announced that on January 24, 2024, the company and Ningxia Ketuo Shepherd Cloud Ranch Breeding Co., Ltd. (Ningxia Ketuo Shepherd) signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation without legal effect or binding effect. The two sides agreed to cooperate to jointly develop diversified beach sheep trade business in China.

According to the Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation, in order to jointly develop cooperative business, the company is responsible for supervising the market operation of beach sheep farms, while Ningxia Ketuo Shepherds will provide beach sheep for the company's sales and be responsible for the management and operation of the farm. The two parties will jointly provide marketing and sales personnel to be responsible for the promotion and sales of the cooperative business. The two parties will conclude a formal agreement on cooperative business in due course.

The board of directors believes that the signing of a memorandum of strategic cooperation between the Group and Ningxia Ketuo Shepherds will help the Group develop new business activities related to beach sheep. New business activities are an opportunity for the Group to diversify its business and revenue sources, which can ultimately enhance the Group's financial performance and profitability. The Board of Directors believes that developing new business activities will not only expand the Group's main business, but also bring synergy effects to the Group's operations.

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