汽车经销商向好 美东汽车(01268)涨4.47% 去年12月汽车流通行业景气度上行

Auto dealers rose 4.47% to Haomeidong Auto (01268). Auto distribution industry sentiment increased in December last year

金吾財訊 ·  Jan 11 21:35

Jinwu Financial News | The auto dealer sector is improving. Meidong Auto (01268) rose 4.47%, Zhongsheng Holdings (00881) rose 4.29%, Zhengtong Auto (01728) rose 1.67%, and Yongda Auto (03669) rose 1.22%.

The China Automobile Dealers Association released the results of the “Auto Dealer Inventory” survey for December 2023: The comprehensive inventory coefficient for car dealers in December was 1.20, down 16.1% from the previous month and up 12.1% year on year. The inventory level was below the warning line, and the automobile distribution industry was booming.

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