CWT INT'L(00521.HK):业务经营在所有重大方面均如常进行 继续停牌

CWT INT'L (00521.HK): Continued suspension of trading as usual in all major aspects of business operations

Gelonghui Finance ·  Jan 4 06:48

Gelonghui, January 4 | CWT INT'L (00521.HK) announced that the company is a Hong Kong investment holding company mainly engaged in integrated logistics services and related engineering services. The company is also engaged in the subsidiary business of commodity trading and financial services. On the date of the announcement, although stock trading was suspended, the Group's business operations were carried out as usual in all major aspects.

The company is formulating a plan to resume trading and has taken appropriate steps to comply with the resumption guidelines, additional resumption guidelines and listing rules to ensure the resumption of stock trading. Once the resumption guidelines and additional resumption guidelines are fully agreed, the company will apply for the resumption of share trading as soon as possible.

Stock trading continues to be suspended.

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