影视娱乐股上扬 力天影业(09958)涨5.83%

Film and television entertainment stocks rose, Litian Pictures (09958) rose 5.83%

金吾財訊 ·  Dec 15, 2023 00:24

Jinwu Financial News | Entertainment stocks rose 11.43%, Litian Pictures (00491) rose 11.43%, Litian Pictures (09958) rose 5.83%, China Ruyi (00136) rose 3.37%, Shaw Brothers Holdings (00953) rose 3.36%, Alibaba Pictures (01060) rose 3.16%, IMAX China (01970) rose 2.47%, and MaoEye Entertainment (01896) rose 1.51%.

According to a research report released by CICC, in 2023, the media industry was mainly guided by the normalization of content, continuous implementation of cost reduction and efficiency, and the development of new technologies. Sectors driven by new technologies, new applications, and new forms, such as AI, short interactive dramas, and interactive dramas, etc., were more active in theme growth.

Looking ahead to 2024, after years of deep governance and adjustment, the industry's content production and service capabilities have been improved and enhanced; the profits of leading companies have gradually entered a stable release period in the context of normalization; and the media sector's valuation is at a moderate level after many years of correction. It is recommended to focus on investment opportunities brought about by the advantages of the business models of leading companies and their potential for profit growth.

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