Trending Stocks Today: SentinelOne Gets a 16.35% Boost Post-Market

moomoo News ·  12/06/2023 07:00

December 5th - US stocks trending post-market.


$SentinelOne (S.US)$ rises 16.35% to $23.27 with a turnover of $48.65 million.

$Corebridge Financial (CRBG.US)$ climbs 4.86% to $21.12 with a turnover of $8 million.


$Box Inc (BOX.US)$ drops 11.2% to $23.7 with a turnover of $22.63 million.

$Asana (ASAN.US)$ down 9.6% to $21.07 with a turnover of $25.29 million.

$MongoDB (MDB.US)$ dips 6.12% to $407.1 with a turnover of $470.23 million.

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Trending Stocks Today identifies stocks based on three indicators, capitalization, turnover ratio, and percentage change. Greater turnover ratios and percentage change are required for small-cap stocks, while lower for large-cap stocks. The performance of major indexes also affects the appearance mechanism of Gainers and Losers. Thus, the data provided herein may be incomplete. Trending Stock Today is typically generated once in each trading session(pre-market/regular hour/after-market).

Data source: National Level 1.

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