What to vote for next year? Citi recommends these 11 best stocks to “buy”

Zhitong Finance ·  12/05/2023 07:52

Citi Research focused on recommending the best stocks rated “buy” on Monday, focusing on the bottom-up investment concept.

The Zhitong Finance App learned that according to Citi analysts, the bank's research department released the fourth quarter report of the “North American Focus List” on Monday, focusing on recommending the best stocks rated as “buy”, focusing on the bottom-up investment concept.

According to information, Citibank's research team selected three criteria for the 11 stocks shown. These criteria include “operable stocks, excluding stocks with low liquidity; preference for stocks that score well on Citi's multi-factor quantitative model; and stocks that differ significantly from the market in terms of expected total return, profit forecast, or analysis.”

Below are Citi's strongest buying suggestions for the US stock market over the next 12 months. The average market value of these stocks is 155 billion US dollars, and the expected average total return is 23%:

Meta Platforms (META.US): current price: $320.02 (as of closing on December 4), target price: $425;

Targa Resources (TRGP.US): current price $89.31, target price $105;

American International Group (AIG.US): current price 66.00 US dollars, target price 74 US dollars;

IDYAYA Biosciences (IDYA.US): current price $32.41, target price $40;

Boeing (BA.US): current price $234.87, target price $271;

KeyCorp (KEY.US): current price $13.44, target price $15;

Walmart (WMT.US): current price $154.30, target price $190;

Clorox (CLX.US): current price $143.81, target price $150;

Aliram Pharmaceuticals (ALNY.US): current price $172.46, target price $233;

Quanta Services (PWR.US): current price $189.64, target price $234;

T-Mobile US (TMUS.US): Current price $152.80, target price $176.

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