南北水 | 南水净买入贵州茅台6.05亿元,北水减仓药明生物、腾讯

North-South Water | Nanshui Net bought Kweichow Moutai for 605 million yuan, and Beishui reduced stocks of Pharmaceutical Biology and Tencent

Gelonghui Finance ·  12/04/2023 19:35

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On December 4, today, Beishang Capital had net sales of A-shares of 1,441 billion yuan, Shanghai Stock Connect net sales of 398 million yuan, and Shenzhen Stock Connect net sales of 1,043 billion yuan.

Among them, Luoyang Molybdenum, Changan Automobile, and Softcom Power received net sales of 341 million yuan, 257 million yuan, and 246 million yuan respectively. Kweichow Moutai, Zhongji Xuchuang, and Mindray Healthcare received net purchases of 605 million yuan, 371 million yuan, and 332 million yuan respectively


Today, South Capital sold a net sale of HK$695 million in Hong Kong stocks. Among them, Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai) had net sales of HK$213 million, and Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shenzhen) had net sales of HK$482 million.

On the Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai) side, Tencent Holdings and Yingfu Fund received net sales of HK$352 million and HK$330 million respectively; CNOOC had the highest net purchases of HK$162 million; on the Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shenzhen) side, Pharmacom Biotech and Yingfu Fund received net sales of HK$401 million and HK$242 million respectively; Ideal Auto - W ranked first, with net purchases of HK$144 million.


Nanshui focuses on individual stocks

Kweichow MoutaiNet purchases topped the list, down 0.54% today. According to the news, Maotai set up a private equity fund management company in Beijing with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The scope of business is private equity investment fund management and venture capital fund management services.

Zhongji XuchuangThe increase was 2.78%. The company stated on the interactive platform on December 3 that the company's production and operation and customer orders were not affected. As global demand for computing power and bandwidth continues to grow, the company is optimistic about the increase in the scale of 800G/400G demand in 2024 and the early industrialization of 1.6T.

Changan AutomobileIncreased by 0.42%. Changan Automobile's recent investor relations activity record table shows that in terms of new batteries, prototype battery designs for new batteries such as lithium-sulfur batteries and metal batteries are being carried out. It is expected that the energy density will exceed 1,300-1500 Wh/kg, and it will strive to achieve on-board application in 2035.

Beishui focuses on individual stocks

Tencent HoldingsToday it fell 0.69%. According to Hong Kong Stock Exchange documents, Tencent Holdings spent HK$402 million to repurchase 1.26 million shares on December 4.

Yao Ming BiologyThe suspension of trading was announced at 10:49 this morning, pending publication of an announcement that may constitute inside information about the company. Shares fell 23.8% before the suspension of trading, and transactions before the suspension surged to 96.554 million shares, involving a capital of 3.37 billion yuan. The stock price was as low as 32.8 yuan in the early period, a drop of more than 24%, and a new low since March 2020.

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