比亚迪高管批行业乱象:比亚迪技术和产品经常被恶意针对 提供线索者给予5万-500万元奖励

BYD executives criticize the chaos in the industry: BYD technology and products are often maliciously targeted and rewards of 50,000 to 5 million yuan are given to those who provide clues

新浪科技 ·  12/03/2023 23:13

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Sina Technology News reported on the evening of December 3 that Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD's Brand Relations Department, criticized the chaos in the automotive industry on Weibo today.

He said that this year, the automobile industry will roll in technology, products, prices, and marketing, and even the lower limit. If it's a roll of product volume level, that's an applause. However, if it were a lower volume limit, it would be disdainful.

He pointed out that in many scenarios, BYD's technology and products are frequently disgusted and targeted in a variety of ways: some maliciously compare BYD cars directly in the store, some sales consultants maliciously discredit customers with black material after the edits, others denigrate BYD product configurations or brand models, and what's more, there are brain fans who buy BYD cars to promote live broadcasts and maliciously slander and spread the word.

“If it involves a violation of the law, we will pursue it to the end! I would also like to ask: participants or people familiar with the matter who have done bad things and are uneasy about the matter are welcome to contact us. Depending on the circumstances, on the premise of complying with the regulations, liability reduction or exemption, and based on the value of the leads and information provided, a reward of 50,000 to 5 million yuan will be given!” he said.

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