Komo: The potential increase in the MSCI China Index by the end of next year is 16%

新浪港股 ·  11/30/2023 12:37

J.P. Motong released a research report saying that it is expected that the current round of gains in the Chinese stock market will continue until the beginning of next year. Furthermore, as the Fed's interest rate cut is expected and the US dollar weakens, the MSCI China Index has begun a round of moderate growth since the end of October. The bank set the baseline target price for the MSCI China Index at the end of next year at 66, which means there is still room for 16% growth.

J.P. Morgan suggests choosing high-quality growth stocks. The top three additional industries are media and entertainment, non-essential consumer goods, and industrial stocks. On the other hand, the top three industries that declined were banking stocks, raw materials stocks, and transportation stocks.

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