【特约大V】邓声兴:美团上季经调整盈利胜预期 绩后或能反弹

[Special Offer V] Deng Shengxing: Meituan may rebound after adjusting earnings to beat expectations last season

金吾資訊 ·  11/29/2023 09:30

Jinwu Financial News | The Hang Seng Index closed at 17354 on Tuesday (28th), down 170 points or 1%. The market traded 95.09 billion yuan throughout the day. The national index closed at 5957, down 68 points or 1.1%; the index fell 1.3%, to a low of 3978, down 31 points or 0.8% throughout the day to close 4,000 points. Foreign Exchange (00005) declined 0.3%; Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388) fell 1%; CCB (00939) fell 0.2%; AIA (01299) fell 0.4%; Ping Pao (02318) fell 2.8%; and Meituan (03690) announced its quarterly results today, inserted 5.2% throughout the day, as the worst performing blue chip. The group announced a 62% increase in adjusted profit for the third quarter after closing.

The Dow closed at 35,416 points on Tuesday (28th), up 83 points, or 0.24%. The index rose 0.1% to 4554 points; the Nasdaq rebounded 0.29% to 14,281 points. The Golden Dragon Index, which reflects the performance of Chinese concept stocks, rebounded by 0.33%; the quarterly net profit of the Chinese e-commerce platform Pinduoduo was superior to market expectations, the US stock ADR soared by 18.1%, and the ADR of Meituan (03690) plummeted 10.8% after the performance. The three major European stock indices developed individually. British and French stocks fell 0.07% and 0.21% respectively, while German stocks closed 0.16% higher. US memory chip manufacturer Micron (Micron) raised its revenue forecast for this season, but anticipated that operating expenses would far exceed expectations, and the stock price closed down 1.8%; Boeing received favorable reviews from brokerage firms, and its stock price rose 1.4%. 3M pulled 1.5% higher, making it the strongest performing Dow constituent stock; Disney fell 2.8% to become the Dow's constituent stock with the biggest decline. The Asia Pacific stock market moved individually this morning (29th). The Nikkei 225 Index currently reported 33,271 points, down 136 points, or 0.41%. The South Korea Composite Index is currently reported at 2,515 points, down 6.2 points, or 0.25%. Meituan's adjusted profit last quarter beat expectations, and it may rebound after the results

Market Focus: Lenovo Group (00992)

According to Lenovo Group (992)'s performance report for the six months ended September 30, 2023, the Group's half-year revenue was 27.31 billion yuan (US dollars, same below), down 20% year on year; net profit was 426 million yuan, down 60% year on year. The PC business has always been the focus of the Lenovo Group, but the PC industry has begun to become the main business that has dragged down the Group's performance. The Group is creating growth by seizing the structural industrial opportunities brought about by AI. The Group also recently showcased a series of innovative artificial intelligence technology achievements, such as the Group's first AIPC, large model compression technology, cockpit smart companion, and artificial intelligence twin (AiTwin). AIPC will officially go on sale around September next year. This is also the world's first computer with an AI model. This first-mover advantage is expected to help Lenovo seize more PC market share. The group plans to bring artificial intelligence technology to everyone and every enterprise through AIPC, so that AI can become everyone's personal assistant and personal counterpart. The Group faced many challenges at the beginning of the first half of the fiscal year, but thanks to the Group's continued investment in accelerated transformation, demand recovery, and new applications, including artificial intelligence, the Group's performance by the end of the period had shown strong signs of recovery.

The target price is $12, and the stop-loss price is $8.7.

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Author: Dr. Deng Shengxing, Managing Partner, Yibo Capital Asia Limited

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