Meituan (MPNGF) Q3 2023 Earnings Call Transcript Summary

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The following is a summary of the Meituan (MPNGF) Q3 2023 Earnings Call Transcript:


  1. Q3 revenue growth of 22.1%, reached RMB 65.5 billion.

  2. Adjusted net profit increased by 62.4%, RMB 5.7 billion.

  3. Total revenue for Q3 was RMB 76.5 billion with a growth of 22.1%.

  4. Revenue cost ratio decreased 5.7 points, improved gross margins.

  5. Operating margin moved from 4.1% to 6.5% due to better efficiency.

  6. Solid net cash position at Q3 end with RMB 133.6 billion.


  1. Food delivery orders peaked at 78 million daily volume in summer.

  2. In-store, hotels, and travel businesses experienced strong Q3 growth.

  3. Focused on retail plus technology strategy and digital transformation.

  4. New initiatives such as Meituan Select & Meituan Grocery displayed user base growth.

  5. Plans to accelerate cloud infrastructure investment.

  6. Share buyback of up to US $1 billion authorized.

  7. Live stream capability investments led to a 300% increase in sessions.

  8. Long-term sustainable growth expected despite short-term investment impact.

  9. Plans to improve Meituan Select performance & penetrate lower-tier markets.

Financial Performance:

  • Meituan reported Q3 revenue growth of 22.1% year-over-year, reaching RMB 65.5 billion.

  • The adjusted net profit saw an increase of 62.4%, reaching RMB 5.7 billion.

  • Total revenue for Q3 was RMB 76.5 billion, indicating a 22.1% growth driven by growth across sectors.

  • The cost of revenue ratio decreased by 5.7 percentage points to 64.7%, indicating improved gross margins.

  • The operating margin increased to 6.5% from 4.1% due to improved operating efficiency.

  • As of Q3 end, the company's net cash position was solid with cash and cash equivalents and short-term treasury investment totaling RMB 133.6 billion.

Business Progress:

  • Robust growth noted in the food delivery business with a record high of 78 million peak daily order volume in summer.

  • In-store shopping, hotels, and travel business also showed strong growth in Q3.

  • Focused on the retail plus technology strategy, expansions in service scope and product format and facilitating industrial digital transformation.

  • New initiatives, including Meituan Select and Meituan Grocery, had strong growth and user base expansion.

  • The company plans to accelerate investment in cloud infrastructure, expecting an increased capital expenditure.

  • Meituan has authorized a share buyback of up to US $1 billion based on specific factors.

  • Investments in live streaming capability led to a 300% increase in daily live stream sessions.

  • Despite short-term investments potentially impacting profitability, the company is confident in maintaining long-term sustainable growth.

  • Plans are also in place to improve the performance of Meituan Select and to deepen penetration into lower-tier markets.

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