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Car Home Connections to Southwest Market Forces Accelerating Regional Economic Development

PR Newswire ·  11/27/2023 18:42

Hong Kong, 27 November 2023 /Mainstream Community/ -- China Leading Automotive Internet Service Platform Car Home(NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE STOCK CODE: ATHM; HKEX CODE: 2518) SPACE STATION OFFICIALLY ENTERED THE “FLOWER CITY” KUNMING ON NOVEMBER 26. Chairman and CEO of Ping'an Insurance, Longquan, Chairman of Automobile House, Vice Secretary of China Automobile Industry Association Chen Shihua, Senior Vice President of Automobile House and Chairman of Tiananmen Yang Song, Senior Vice President of Automobile House and Deputy Chairman of the Party Committee Wang Yudong attended the opening ceremony.

On November 23, Car Home Space Station Guiyang Branch opened its grand opening. Connecting Guizhou and Kunming in four days, the Car Home Space Station will accelerate the layout of the southwestern market, which will help accelerate the new energy car consumption in the southwest region and unleash new energy consumption acceleration.

CAR HOME SPACE STATION GUIYANG STORE AND KUNMING STORE ARE BOTH NEWLY UPGRADED 2.0 STORES. In terms of technology, the store's Holoid 5.0 system, in the form of “naked eye 3D”, accommodates a multitude of models through holographic projection, providing consumers with an immersive shopping experience, while also helping consumers understand the internal structure of the car, achieving a truly comprehensive understanding of the model from the outside and inside.

In terms of services, 2.0 stores are also closer to market needs, building a “one-stop shop for used cars”, which further covers the whole life cycle of new energy cars “look - buy - use - exchange”, provide consumers with “peace of mind, time and money” car exchange services, while also providing customers with car coverage Convenient market channels for car consumption front and back with deep trend insights.

The Southwest region is one of the fastest-growing regions of China's economy and an important region for the development of China's new energy cars. In recent years, the development of new energy cars in the Southwest region has made significant progress and the prospects are very broad. Under China's “dual-carbon” target and a new round of major Western development guidance, new energy cars as one of the pillar industries are an important part of “looking west” and “going west”. Connected between Guizhou and Kunming, the automobile house is an important reflection of the country's active response to the national policy and continuously improving the strategic layout of the Southwest region.

Along with the opening of the Kunming store, Car Home Space Station has officially completed the underground layout in Chuanyuungui, while further delving into the three-lane cities of Leshan, Luzhou, and more, seizing the market opportunities. Next, the car house will make full use of its own innovation and channel resources to combine regional market policy support, consumer demand, and accelerate the integration of industry into an ecosystem of industry aggregation, and accelerate the pace of new energy car consumption in the Southwest region.

In keeping with the times, Car House will continue to stick to the service user first, firmly serve the country's “dual-carbon” strategy, actively play a “long chain” role, work together with partners in the Southwest region, continuously attract innovative resources in the national automotive industry value chain, and contribute to the new model of industrial clusters in the region, and inject New vitality, releasing new kinetic energy.

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