【特约大V】邓声兴:阿里以“年终好价节”代替“双12” 或会影响股市

[Special Offer V] Deng Shengxing: Ali's replacement of “Double 12” with the “Year-end Good Price Festival” may affect the stock market

金吾資訊 ·  11/27/2023 09:45

Jinwu Financial News | The Hang Seng Index closed at 17559 on Friday (24th), down 351 points or 1.96%. The market traded 88.149 billion yuan throughout the day. The national index closed at 6041, down 129 points or 2.1%, up 1.1% throughout the week; the index fell 2.2% to close at 4024, and rose 1.1% throughout the week. Blue Chip Foreign Exchange Control (00005) fell 0.8%; Ping Pao (02318) fell 1.8%; CCB (00939) fell 1.7%; Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388) fell 1.5%; AIA (01299) fell 2.8%; various models under BYD (01211) fell 5.5% throughout the day; Tencent (00700) fell 2.4%; Alibaba (09988) fell 1.6%; Meituan (03690) fell 2.8%; JD (09618) fell 2.8%; JD (09618) fell 1.9%; Shinsekai (00017) fell 1.1% today, today Only Chinese medicine (01099) rose in the blue chip, with a slight increase of 0.3% throughout the day.

The Dow index on Friday (24th) is the day after Thanksgiving in the US, and US stocks are only traded for half a day. The Dow closed at 35,390 points, up 117 points, or 0.33%. The index closed up 0.06% to 4559 points; the Nasdaq fell 0.11% to 14,250 points; and the Golden Dragon Index, which reflects the performance of Chinese concept stocks, rose 1.62%. European stocks remained stable, with British, French and German stocks rising 0.06%, 0.2% and 0.22% respectively. In terms of individual stocks, Huida reportedly delayed the launch of new artificial intelligence (AI) chips designed for the Chinese market. The stock price fell 1.9% for 3 consecutive days, with a cumulative decline of 3% this week. Although Tesla (Tesla) faced price reduction pressure in China and the continuation of the Swedish industry trend, its stock price once reversed 1.9%, and the closing market still rose 0.5%. The annual “Black Friday” shopping festival in the US is also the beginning of the peak Christmas retail season, but there is little stimulus for consumer stocks. Walmart climbed 0.9%, and Johnson & Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) pulled 1.1% higher, making it the strongest performing Dow constituent stock. On the other side, oil stocks stopped falling, and ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips shares both rebounded by more than 0.5%. The Asia Pacific stock market moved individually this morning (27th). The Nikkei 225 Index currently reported 33693 points, up 339 points, or 1.02%. The South Korea Composite Index is currently reported at 2506 points, down 8.17 points, or 0.32%. Ali replaced “Double 12” with the “year-end good price festival”, which may affect the stock market.

Market Focus: Yuexiu Real Estate (00123)

The cumulative contract sales amount of Yuexiu Real Estate (123) from January to October 2023 was about 121.03 billion yuan, up about 32.8% year on year. The cumulative contract sales area was about 3,721,500 square meters, up about 17.6% year on year. The Group's cumulative contract sales amount for the first 10 months accounted for about 91.7% of the contract sales target of 132 billion yuan in 2023. Double 11, Double 12, New Year's Day, etc. are all opportunities for housing enterprises to sprint in marketing. In the current situation where the overall property market is sluggish, I believe that policy announcements will further drive the overall activity of the commercial housing market and boost confidence.

The target price is $8.7, and the stop-loss price is $6.7.

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Author: Dr. Deng Shengxing, Managing Partner, Yibo Capital Asia Limited

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