隔夜要闻:美股三大股指连涨四周 谷歌老将痛批CEO目光短浅 巴菲特清仓Paytm 亚马逊婴儿躺椅似因风险下架

Overnight highlights: The three major US stock indexes have been rising for four weeks, and Google veterans have criticized the CEO for his shortness of sight, Buffett's clearance of Paytm, Amazon's baby recliner seems to have been removed due to risk

環球市場播報 ·  11/25/2023 05:58

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Closing: The three major US stock indexes all recorded a fourth consecutive week of gains

Top 20 US stock turnover on November 24: Google veterans criticize CEOs for being short-sighted and incompetent at the middle level

On Friday, popular Chinese securities rose by more than 6%, Baidu by more than 2%, and Ideal Auto by more than 1%

European stocks closed up and the European Stoxx 50 Index rose 0.27%


“Dutch Trump” won the parliamentary election, and European politics “turned to the right”?

International oil prices are rising rapidly in the short term! Rumor has it that OPEC+ is close to reaching a compromise with African oil producers

Employment numbers in the US service and manufacturing sectors have shrunk for the first time since 2020

OPEC+ is expected to reach an agreement soon to resolve the African oil quota dispute

First time in three years! The US PMI report shows that the number of people employed in manufacturing and service industries have both declined

Vow to blow up the central bank! The central bank governor nominated by Argentina's new president “ran ahead of schedule”

US service industries and factories cut recruitment numbers for the first time since 2020

OPEC+ is close to reaching an agreement on quota differences among African oil producers. The market has not been boosted, and US oil has dropped 2%

Gold closing: Benefiting from the US dollar exchange rate and the expected end of the Fed's interest rate hike cycle affected the slight increase in gold futures


Berkshire Hathaway sells all of its shares in Paytm through a major deal

Expectations of US interest rate cuts and Nvidia's earnings report push investors to buy AI funds in a big way

Buffett clears Indian payments giant Paytm loses Rs8 billion

What does Ultraman's return mean for OpenAI

Nissan to invest $1.4 billion in UK factories to produce electric versions of best-selling cars

Amazon's miracle baby recliner appears to be at risk and has been removed

Vacuum robot company iRobot has soared nearly 40%, and the European Union is said to approve Amazon's acquisition of it


ECB head Lagarde revealed: My son's virtual currency speculation was a complete loss

The US welcomes the “Black Friday” shopping festival: the number of consumers will reach a record high, but low prices are just what they need

The European Central Bank has also entered a wait-and-see period for monetary policy! Lagarde: Operation can now be suspended

ECB Vice President Guindos: Eurozone growth prospects face downside risks

Observers predict an increase in the possibility of further OPEC+ production cuts

Eurozone inflation in November is expected to return to a mid-year low in 2021, making the ECB more secure about the outlook

ECB Governing Council Member Muller: There may be no need to raise interest rates again

It is feared that Hollywood blockbusters are still “difficult to improve” before the strike ends, work starts, and the Spring Festival festival begins

US CDC Study: Last year's influenza vaccine was still less than 50% effective

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