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Car Home Highlights 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show Innovative Content Ecology and Interactive Experience

PR Newswire ·  11/22/2023 17:11

Hong Kong, 22 November 2023/News & Communication/ -- The 21st Guangzhou International Motor Show officially opens today as the preferred vehicle platform for users to view, buy, use and exchange,China Leading Automotive Internet Service Platform Car Home(NYSE Stock Code: ATHM; Stock Exchange Code: 2518) During the exhibition, the theme of “New Car End Speech” was created to create a viewing feast, reach users in depth, continuously enhance the content ecosystem, and promote the high-quality development of automotive content and gameplay. The first day of the exhibition will be implemented on the first day of the exhibition. Exposure exceeded 4.8 million.

In order to meet the needs of users to get information on new cars quickly, Car Home has built a team of high-speed newspapers to report new cars and hot cars in real time, achieving 100% new car coverage. At the same time, Car Home has created several high-focus topics for users in the process of “viewing, buying, using cars, changing cars”, providing users with more professional help through in-depth reviews. The Motor Show Report Team and the “Hundred People's Car Friends” provide users with a guide to buying new energy models and popular multi-brand models, and offer more different perspectives.

On the first day of the exhibition, Auto House opened a dialogue with more than 30 console factory executives to delve into hot topics such as the development of the automotive market, the changing preferences of Chinese car consumers, the direction of new-age car brand communication, and how smart driving technology has profoundly changed the competitive market; held a private workshop on automotive design Lung explores the phenomena and trends of “impression-level flow” of new and old brands in the current highly competitive market environment, and insights into user needs and aesthetic trends. Bringing together multiple perspectives, Automotive House teams up with the industry's top coffee makers to contribute to the development of the automotive industry.

Car Home has completely upgraded the new gameplay to see the new gameplay, creating an ultra-long live stream of 5 days and 20 games, allowing users to watch the car from the palm of your hand, master the live action in real time, and immerse yourself in the car. At the same time, Car House held a Creators Open Day event that focused on creators' hot topics such as “traffic transformation, quality content creation, business collaboration”. It aims to gain insight into the pain points of creators' needs and strive to better serve creators and continuously enhance the content ecosystem of the platform.

In the interactive experience, Car Home launched a new online theme, PK Interaction, and offline, a “Dream Lottery Machine”, allowing users to enjoy the anticipation and freshness of winning the “Scratch the Lottery” prize. At the same time, the car house also launched the “Take the Buckle” scrappage scheme at the car show site to raise the safety awareness of the wider user with a concrete welfare initiative.

IT IS WORTH MENTIONING THAT CAR HOUSE LAUNCHED THE “ROAMING TIME SPACE, ELONGATED FLOWER CITY” OFFLINE CRUISE, CONSISTING OF TWO LARGE FLEETS OF CLASSIC FUEL CARS AND NEW ENERGY CARS, WHICH DEPART FROM THE CAR SHOW SITE, CRUISING GUANGZHOU LANDMARKS AND FINALLY ARRIVING AT THE CAR HOME SPACE STATION, BECOMING A HIGHLIGHT. During the same period, Car Home Space Station Guangdong Four store opened simultaneously, bringing together domestic and foreign first-line new energy car brands, integrating the industry's upstream and downstream advantages to bring consumers a more efficient and convenient shopping experience.

“Professional, fast, deep”, this Guangzhou Auto Show report, not only continuously enhances the content ecosystem, but also demonstrates the company's continuous pursuit of breakthrough innovation. In the future, Car Home will continue to cultivate innovative content, create a good content ecosystem and interactive gameplay, and provide users with fast, professional, and fun “see, buy, use, exchange” car consumer services.

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