新世界发展完成出售新创建股份 将于12月20日派付特别股息每股1.59港元

New World Development completed the sale of newly created shares and will pay a special dividend of HK$1.59 per share on December 20

新浪港股 ·  11/20/2023 16:52

New World Development (00017) announced that on November 9, 2023, the group submitted its acceptance of the newly created share offer for all of its approximately 2.38 billion newly created shares (accounting for about 60.85 percent of the newly created share capital issued on November 9, 2023). The Group completed the sale of all of its newly created shares on November 17, 2023; and on November 20, 2023, the Group received a total price of approximately HK$21,725 billion for newly created shares proposed for acceptance of the newly created shares.

Following the completion of the sale, a special dividend of HK$1.59 per share declared by the board of directors on September 29, 2023 will be paid on December 20, 2023 to all shareholders listed in the company's shareholder register at the end of business hours on November 24, 2023 (Friday).

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