港股异动 | 长城汽车(02333)涨超4% 公司大型高性能豪华皮卡山海炮性能版上市

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Great Wall Motor (02333) rose more than 4%, and the company's large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck, Shanhai Cannon, went on the market

Zhitong Finance ·  11/20/2023 11:06

Great Wall Motor (02333) rose more than 4% and increased 4.66% at press time to HK$12.12, with a turnover of HK$211 million.

The Zhitong Finance app learned that Great Wall Motor (02333) rose more than 4%, and at press time, was up 4.66% to HK$12.12, with a turnover of HK$211 million.

On November 17, the Shanhai Cannon Performance Edition, a large high-performance luxury pickup truck owned by Great Wall Motor, was officially launched at the Guangzhou Auto Show, with an official guide price of 279,800 yuan. The body size of the Shanhai Cannon Performance Edition is 5462mm*1992mm*1960s, and the overall size of the vehicle is close to full-size. The Shanhai Cannon Performance Edition is equipped with the strongest 3.0TV6+9AT power combination in China, with a maximum net power of 260 kW and a maximum net torque of 500 N·m.

According to a research report released by Anxin International, maintaining the “buy” rating, the company's performance in the third quarter far exceeded expectations, raised the company's profit forecast for 23-25 to 7.2/10.3 billion/13 billion dollars, and raised the target price to HK$16, corresponding to the predicted price-earnings ratio of 17.4 times in '23. The first three quarters of 2023 achieved exports of 212,000 units, an increase of 89% over the previous year. Among them, exports in August and September exceeded 30,000 units in a single month. The company expects sales volume in overseas markets to reach 300,000 units in 2023. The bank believes that Great Wall Motor's export strategy layout is early, investment is large, and export business is mature. Exports are already an important driving force for the company's sales volume and profit growth.

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