北水动向|北水成交净买入37.4亿 内资加仓科网股、汽车股 抛售中海油(00883)

Trends in Beishui | Beishui's transaction sold a net purchase of 3.74 billion yuan of domestic capital plus the sale of CNOOC online stocks and automobile stocks (00883)

Zhitong Finance ·  11/17/2023 17:54

In the Hong Kong stock market on November 17, Beishui had net purchases of HK$3.74 billion, of which Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai) transactions had net purchases of HK$1,487 billion and Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shenzhen) transactions with net purchases of HK$2,253 billion.

The Zhitong Finance app learned that on November 17, in the Hong Kong stock market, Beishui had a net purchase of HK$3.74 billion, of which the Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai) transaction had a net purchase of HK$1,487 billion, and the Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shenzhen) transaction had a net purchase of HK$2,253 billion.

The individual stocks that Beishui Net bought the most were Tencent (00700), Meituan-W (03690), and China Mobile (00941). The single stock sold the most by Beishui Net is CNOOC (00883).

Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai) actively traded stocks

Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shenzhen) actively traded stocks

Tencent (00700) received a net purchase of HK$937 million. According to the news, Damo released a research report saying that it is expected that the natural increase in Tencent's profit margin will continue, that the video account advertising business will grow steadily, that there is potential to improve shareholder returns, maintain the “increase in holdings” rating and target price of HK$430. The bank believes that among Internet leaders, Tencent had a valuation premium in the past because of strong revenue growth and transparency in earnings. The recent acceleration of share repurchases also supports stock price performance. Positive factors driving profit growth include the globalization of the game business, monetization of social network advertising, provision of more fintech products, and strategic improvements in consumer and industrial Internet.

Meituan-W (03690) received a net purchase of HK$362 million. According to the news, CITIC Securities previously released a research report saying that judging from Q3 tracking data, there is a clear trend of marginal optimization of the Meituan-to-store business pattern. In terms of new business, it is expected that it will dynamically evaluate competitive strategies, and it is recommended to keep track of subsequent strategic trends. As one of the scarce targets in the consumer internet sector with both restoration expectations and growth attributes, the long-term value is clear. Looking ahead to Q4, due to pressure on the demand side, the restaurant market and the recovery progress of leading enterprises showed a slowing trend. It is expected that the takeout growth rate will also be affected. However, considering the 22Q4 low base, the year-over-year order growth rate is expected to remain steady.

China Biopharmaceuticals (01177) received a net purchase of HK$131 million. According to the news, Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical announced that the group sold part of the shares of the three subsidiary companies at a total valuation of 210 million yuan, with sales proceeds of about 150 million yuan. After the sale was completed, the company has already divested all commercial distribution business. In the future, the company will further focus on the pharmaceutical business and continue to optimize the group's assets and business structure. Bank of America Securities, on the other hand, pointed out that Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical's drug sales and product pipeline are developing steadily, reaffirming the “buy” rating, and the target price was raised from HK$4 to HK$4.2.

Beishui Capital increased its holdings in automotive stocks, with Ideal Automobile-W (02015) and Xiaopeng Motor-W (09868) receiving net purchases of HK$128 million and HK$127 million respectively. According to news, Huaxing Securities recently pointed out that in terms of traditional cars, the “Double 11" e-commerce node fuels enthusiasm for car purchases, and demand for car purchases is expected to be further released. It is optimistic that the traditional car market will maintain month-on-month growth in November. In terms of new energy vehicles, the sales performance of a large number of new models after delivery exceeded expectations. It is expected that under the impulse situation at the end of the year, sales of new energy vehicles will continue to rise, maintaining the forecast of 7.5 million domestic vehicle sales throughout the year. In addition, four departments, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Ministry of Transport, jointly issued a notice to deploy and carry out pilot work on intelligent connected vehicle access and road traffic.

Gome Retail (00493) received a net purchase of HK$21.72 million. According to the news, according to media sources, “Gome Supermarkets”, a holding brand owned by Gome, has officially launched, and plans to announce the opening of 10,000 Gome supermarkets within three years in the near future. According to official information, Gome defined the supermarket as a “trendy fashion metaverse supermarket.” According to the official WeChat account of Gome Supermarkets, Gome Supermarkets is a brand owned by Gome Holding Group, and the Guangdong Ma Wu store has now opened.

Marco Digital Technology (01942) received a net purchase of HK$18.43 million. According to the news, Marco Digital Technology issued an announcement a few days ago. After many days of development, the China Insurance Science and Technology Innovation Digital RMB Integrated Technology Service Platform and the head office of the Industrial and Commercial Bank have successfully achieved a systematic connection. This realizes the digital yuan agency function, which can not only improve payment and settlement efficiency for the insurance industry, but also greatly reduce transaction costs. Furthermore, system integration has not only saved costs for insurance companies, but also accumulated valuable experience for digital currency operators to carry out digital renminbi agency business.

CNOOC (00883) received a net sale of HK$27.66 million. According to the news, international crude oil fell sharply across the board overnight because US crude oil inventories increased more than expected and production set records. At the same time, concerns about Asian demand were growing, and Thursday's industrial production data showed a decline. Furthermore, Goldman Sachs expects the average price of Brent crude oil to be 92 US dollars/barrel in 2024.

In addition, China Mobile (00941), United Energy Group (00467), and SMIC (00981) received net purchases of $134 million, 3.3 million, and HK$1.61 million respectively.

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