汽車之家空間站十店集中開業 新零售業務加速佈局

Car Home Space Station 10 Stores Centrally Open New Retail Business Accelerated Layout

PR Newswire ·  11/17/2023 10:17

Hong Kong November 17, 2023 /Mainstream Community/ -- China Leading Automotive Internet Service Platform Car Home(NYSE Stock Code: ATHM; Stock Exchange Code: 2518) Space Station opened its grand opening in 10 cities such as Guangzhou, Suzhou, Leshan, Heze on November 7, Beijing time. Vendor guests, franchisor representatives, industry media, etc. were invited to attend the opening ceremony. THE CENTRALIZED OPENING OF TEN CITIES MARKS THE ARRIVAL OF THE NEW RETAIL MODEL OF AUTOMOBILE HOMES ON THE EXPRESSWAY.

In September 2022, Automobile House announced the official opening of the Shanghai Experience Store, the world's first offline energy space station. The Car Home Energy Space Station opens up a new new energy car sales model, integrating the entire sales chain of test drives, product displays, signings, etc., to solve not only store and promote sales investment problems for the host plant, but also crack the “pain points” for consumers with a one-stop shopping experience for consumers。

In October this year, the Car Home Space Station officially launched version 2.0, which not only brings the Holodiogram 5.0 system, but also the AI-optimized car viewing experience. For more than 70 new energy vehicles sold in more than 30 brands, users can see naked eye 3D car images based on high-precision 3D models in stores, as well as new car information on the chassis, chassis, chassis, and more. At the same time, users can also see real new energy car usage information in stores, such as real renewals, etc.

In addition, the car house combines its used car business with a new retail outlet, and works in depth with the country's largest used car auction platform “Skylight” to expand its used car inspection, used car sales, after-sales, and aftermarket repair business to build car selection, buy, use and sell cars for users on the basis of its existing Full-cycle closed loop ecology.

The new retail model of Car Home has received preliminary approval from the host plant, which in the future will occupy the sinking market in deep three- and four-lane cities, as planned, will open in 20 cities by the end of this year and complete coverage of 100 cities by 2025.

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CAR HOUSE (NYSE STOCK CODE: ATHM; HKEX CODE: 2518) IS CHINA'S LEADING ONLINE SERVICE PLATFORM FOR AUTOMOTIVE CONSUMERS. According to QuestMobile data, average mobile daily users in September 2023 increased 39.3% year-on-year to reach 6,901 million. The company's mission is to enhance the shopping and driving experience of Chinese car consumers. CAR HOUSE PROVIDES AUTOMOTIVE CONSUMERS WITH ORIGINAL CONTENT (OGC), PROFESSIONAL CREATIVE CONTENT (PGC), USER CREATED CONTENT (UGC), AI CREATION CONTENT, A COMPREHENSIVE CAR MODEL LIBRARY, AND EXTENSIVE CAR PUBLISHING INFORMATION COVERING THE ENTIRE PURCHASE AND USE CYCLE. Because of its ability to reach a large and active user base of automotive consumers, Car Home has become the preferred platform for advertising campaigns for automakers and dealers. In addition, our dealer subscription and advertising services enable dealers to market their inventory and services through the Car Home platform, expand their physical showrooms to millions of potential network users in China, and gain sales leads. We provide sales leads, data analytics and marketing services to help automakers and dealers improve efficiency and facilitate transactions. Car Home operates its “Car Shop”, a full-featured online trading platform that helps automakers and dealers facilitate transactions. In addition, we also provide other value-added services through its website and mobile applications, including auto finance, auto insurance, used car trading and after-sales services.

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