Why 'Grimace' And 'Hamburglar' Crocs Are The Fashion Statement Of The Year: Announcing The McDonald's X Crocs Collection (NASDAQ: CROX)

Benzinga ·  11/16/2023 22:40

McDonald's and Crocs are two well-known brands that do not at first glance seem to have a connection. However, the two companies joined forces to create an exclusive shoe collection that satisfies foodies and fashionistas around the world.The McDonald's x Crocs collection, inspired by iconic McDonald's characters and the brand's loyal fan base, will feature a range of shoes, socks and Jibbitz charms that capture the essence of McDonald's in a fun and stylish way.Crocs Inc. acquired Jibbitz, a producer of accessories designed for Crocs footwear, for $10 million in October 2006.Don't

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