登顶双11多平台榜首 蓝月亮(06993)多维发力巩固护城河优势

Blue Moon (06993) tops the Double 11 multi-platform list, and multi-dimensional strength strengthens the moat advantage

Zhitong Finance ·  11/16/2023 11:10

Industry insiders pointed out that during the “Double 11" period this year, various e-commerce platforms performed frequently, showing that the vitality of China's consumer market continues to increase, which helps enterprises gradually resume their positive development trend.

As policies to promote consumption and expand domestic demand continue to increase, this year's Double 11, as an important window for speeding up consumption recovery, has received high expectations from all parties. Major platforms have offered superimposed discounts such as full cuts and 10 billion dollars in subsidies, etc., and have also focused on simplifying activity rules and improving service experience, which has effectively stimulated public consumer enthusiasm. According to public data, as of 00:00 on November 11, a total of 402 brand transactions on Tmall had broken 100 million yuan, and 38,000 brand transactions increased by more than 100% year on year; JD 11.11 sold more than 60 brands over 1 billion yuan, and the turnover of nearly 20,000 brands increased more than 3 times over the previous year; 3 days before the “11.11” promotion, Pinduoduo's 10 billion subsidized users exceeded 620 million yuan... The impressive report cards of various companies showed the strong spending power of the public.

At the same time, rational consumption is becoming the mainstream of this year's Double 11. Faced with the Double 11 promotion, which has entered its 15th year, people have become more calm in their mentality. According to the “2023 “Double 11" Annual Research Report” recently released by global consulting firm AlixPartners (AlixPartners), rational consumption is gradually replacing sentimental and impulsive shopping, and consumption of daily necessities such as daily necessities, beauty, and personal care products is the strongest.

This can be confirmed by the double 11 sales situation of the well-known daily chemical brand Blue Moon (06993): on the JD platform, Blue Moon was in the top 1 of the clothing cleaning list for the entire 11.11 period; in the Douyin Mall Double 11 Good Things Festival, Luxury Life Double 11, Qingzhan, Blue Moon topped the list of top brands, and Blue Moon's official flagship store ranked first in the list of top stores. Furthermore, Blue Moon's clean laundry detergent also became the top 1 product in the list of favorite brands on Tmall; among the 11 favorite brands on Tmall, Blue Moon won the top 2 in the home cleaning category.

Market participants believe that market demand is constantly changing, and enterprises must actively adapt or even seize changes in advance if they want to maintain an advantageous position in the market. This is probably the core reason why Blue Moon has been able to achieve good results in the Double 11 promotion for many years — always adhering to “consumer-centered” and closely focusing on changes in consumer demand to innovate or deepen various aspects of products, marketing, and channels, thus continuing to gain long-term recognition from the market.

Keep abreast of changes in consumer demand with technological innovation to help consumers upgrade cleanly

As an established daily chemical company that has focused on the cleaning business for 31 years, Blue Moon continues to be driven by technological innovation to bring high-quality products and services to consumers. Classic products such as Blue Moon Deep Cleaning Care Laundry Detergent, Hand Washing Detergent, and Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer have always been favored by the public. According to statistics from the China Chamber of Commerce and the All-China Business Information Center, Blue Moon laundry detergent ranked first in the overall market share of similar products for 14 consecutive years (2009-2022) and hand sanitizer for 11 consecutive years (2012-2022). During the Double 11 period this year, Blue Moon Deep Cleaning Care Laundry Detergent also topped Tmall's authoritative list — Tmall Shuang11's must-buy list, making it a must-have item for many consumers to stock up on when cleaning clothes in their homes.

Today, consumers who have returned to rationality are paying more and more attention to the quality and utility of products. As far as home cleaning products are concerned, in addition to focusing on the cleaning effect, many consumers also incorporate factors such as usage, convenience, and environmental friendliness into the product experience. Therefore, using a concentrate+ formula with low foam and easy bleaching, and Blue Moon Extreme Concentrate+ Laundry Detergent with a “1 pump 8g” precise metering pump head design, can be applied to the quick washing mode of washing machines, bringing a convenient and efficient washing experience. The product has received many praise, such as “reduced usage,” “can protect the environment,” and “storage does not take up much space,” etc., and is very popular in Tmall supermarkets.

The trend of consumer segmentation has also become more obvious in recent years. In Double 11 this year, many products with individual requirements have broken into consumers' eyes, and segmented products such as kitchen air conditioners, plumbing blankets, and Tahitian pearl jewelry are highly sought after. In the field of daily chemicals, segmented products such as Blue Moon's collar cleaner, underwear laundry detergent, silk hair cleaner, and porcelain cleaner are also particularly popular. At the same time, Blue Moon continues to innovate technology, develop more high-quality and diversified product segments, and continuously help consumers upgrade cleanly. For example, sports laundry detergent specially developed for exercise sweating scenarios can effectively remove perspiration and inhibit the production of sweat odor, so it is loved by sports people. At Blue Moon JD's flagship store, consumers left reviews such as “strong cleaning power,” “fragrance,” and “effective in removing sweat.” It is worth noting that in the travel laundry detergent rankings published by JD on a daily basis, Blue Moon's sports laundry detergent travel suit and Blue Moon hand wash special laundry detergent travel bag have long topped the top 3 rankings. This reflects the fact that consumers sweat more easily during business trips and trips. In addition to the basic cleaning needs of clothing, they also want to keep clothes fresh and sweat-free, the Blue Moon Sporty Laundry Detergent Travel Pack, which removes sweat and is easy to carry, just takes care of the small yet important needs of consumers.

Implement knowledge marketing to continuously enhance brand value

Influenced by the concept of rational consumption, now consumers' requirements for product experience are constantly increasing. In addition to paying attention to product efficacy, they are also more looking forward to whether products can bring more value to themselves, such as emotional value, knowledge, experience, etc.

This is what Blue Moon has always done. In order for consumers to have a better cleaning experience, Blue Moon continues to implement a unique “knowledge marketing” path. In addition to providing products, it also focuses on providing consumers with comprehensive, three-dimensional washing knowledge, science, and product usage to help consumers truly solve washing problems and create more value for consumers. In this process, it has also successfully established a professional image of the brand and created a differentiated brand perception.

Specifically, Blue Moon has established a professional and sound consulting service system. Not only has cleaning consultants with extensive cleaning and care knowledge been posted offline to supermarkets and hypermarkets, etc., but it has also launched more than 40 consumer communication channels online, such as voice hotlines and official websites, to provide detailed instruction on product usage and continue to answer consumers' questions.

In addition, every time there are important events such as the annual Blue Moon Festival and the Double Eleven Promotion, it is also a good opportunity for Blue Moon to practice knowledge marketing and pass on scientific washing knowledge and a clean lifestyle. For example, during this year's Blue Moon Festival, Blue Moon not only entered communities and supermarkets to promote science offline, but also promoted science offline, and also named the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala and Hunan Satellite TV Mid-Autumn Festival Night to interact on social platforms and have in-depth communication with consumers. During this year's Double 11 period, Blue Moon promoted clothing care knowledge and science in its own live broadcast room. While upgrading consumers' product experience, it also increased consumers' perception and affinity for products.

At the same time, during Double 11 this year, Blue Moon further expanded the scope of brand traffic and raised public brand awareness. By building full-brand matrix marketing on Douyin, Blue Moon accumulates traffic potential to help the brand achieve popularity growth and value growth. In the first week of Double 11 published by Douyin, Blue Moon ranked as the top 1 in the daily chemical household cleaning category in the daily chemical mother and child industry.

Deepen the omni-channel layout and continuously expand consumer reach paths

In addition to product and marketing strength, omni-channel layout is also a core factor in Blue Moon's ability to maintain a leading edge in many major promotions. Marketing guru Philip Kotler believes that enterprises should make every effort to discover distribution channels. The more distribution channels, the closer the company is to the market.

Blue Moon adheres to the consumer-centered omni-channel strategy, adhering to the channel construction concept of “where the consumer is, Blue Moon will shop”, and continues to further promote channel optimization, cover as many markets as possible, reach more consumers, and open up a wider market space for product penetration.

Blue Moon continues to strengthen its dominant position online. After seizing opportunities and early deployment in the field of traditional e-commerce platforms such as JD and Tmall, Blue Moon saw the rise of content e-commerce, efficiently deployed emerging platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, and continued to cultivate, receiving excellent results. Blue Moon topped the list of top brands, and Blue Moon's official flagship store also ranked at the top of the list of top stores in the Double11 Good Things Festival, Mei Luxury Life Shuangzhan report on the Douyin Mall.

In recent years, all parts of the country have been promoting the construction of various types of one-quarter hour convenient living circles. Research shows that more than 50% of the daily consumption expenses of urban residents are concentrated within 1 kilometer of the community. The one-quarter hour convenience lifestyle has huge consumption potential, and there are also many unmet consumer needs. Therefore, Blue Moon continues to optimize and expand its offline distribution network, and is committed to expanding the coverage of the distribution network to convenience stores, fresh food supermarkets and small and medium-sized local stores, fully integrating into residents' lives, and jointly building a “one-quarter hour convenient life circle” to bring a higher quality and more convenient consumer experience to a wider range of consumers.

As can be seen, Blue Moon continues to optimize channel construction, continuously shortens the consumer reach radius with a multi-touch point and omni-channel layout, and has also brought about broad market growth.

Industry insiders pointed out that during the “Double 11" period this year, various e-commerce platforms performed frequently, showing that the vitality of China's consumer market continues to increase, which helps enterprises gradually resume their positive development trend. As far as Blue Moon is concerned, it can be seen that it already has a strong moat advantage in terms of products, brands, channels, etc. In the future, under a more favorable environment, it is expected that its diversified product innovation, brand innovation, marketing, and omni-channel layout will further consolidate its advantages in the industry and promote the company's long-term high-quality development.

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